15 Things I Know to be True

If it doesn't matter, get rid of it.

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Everyone labels your twenties a decade of discovery. Discovering self, discovering others and discovering the world that’s open to you.

Things change and shift often and in many ways, I really love change. Knowing that there are endless possibilities excites me almost as much as it scares me. But even while things are changing, and there is still so much to be discovered and uncovered, I take comfort in the things I know, in my heart of hearts, to be resoundingly true.

1. Less is more. And the more living you do with a need for less things, the better of you truly will be. Because things add clutter –but living without them gives you room to focus on the incredible things unseen.

2. There are people who would love to live my worst days.

3. Failure is natural and inevitable, it means that in the midst of things going a bit wrong, something within you is going incredibly well.

4. The more time to you take to confront your fears, the scarier they become.

5. My potential is deeply rooted in a desire to help others, and requires that sometimes I’ll just have to go for it.

6. There is a huge benefit in having a routine that works for you (even if it makes no sense to others). I’m a craver of stability…even if that simply means waking up by 7am and having coffee at my desk each morning.

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7. The smartest women often make the silliest mistakes. This doesn’t make them silly women.

8. Love is the strongest force I’ve ever encountered.

9. Success cannot be measured by anyone else’s perceptions than your own, and cannot truly be recognized until you open your eyes to your own awesome potential.

10. Sleep is an amazing medicine that we don’t indulge often enough.

11. There is great importance in meaning something to someone else. Not to validate your worth, but rather to understand your own impact.

12. Dreams matter. Hope matters.

youre-not-a-mess13. You will always regret the risks you didn’t take, the phone calls you didn’t make and the words you left unspoken.

14. Living moments in the present is more important than styling and capturing them to Instagram.

15. No one expects you to have it all together, despite what you think.

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  1. I really love this post. some things are simple enough but easy to forget..

    bonitarochelle.co.uk xx

  2. I love, love, LOVE number 7.. We, as women, can be really hard on ourselves for making mistakes, but that doesn’t negate our strengths or successes. It makes us better and we have to remember that.

  3. Loving all of these so much. #2 hit me like a wrecking ball. It’s time to be grateful for even the worst of my days. Thank you for the awesome pick me up!

  4. So lovely to read some of these today. I think I’ll print this to keep it as a reminder!

  5. I love this list. Each point is concise. Thank you for inspiring me. =)

  6. Really lovely reminders, just what I needed to read 🙂
    Hannah x

  7. this is exactly what I needed to read. great reminders!

  8. Ah. These are great things to know to be true. There’s so much learning to be life and when you get to the point where you know some of these things, it helps you live life a little better each day. Great post!

  9. Love all of these, especially #11.