5 Biz & Side Hustle Podcasts I’ve Been Loving Lately

5 Podcasts I've Been Loving LatelyHas anyone else been super into podcasts lately? When I’m not listening to a playlist, there’s usually a podcast coming through my headphones. I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to them during the work day to add a little more inspiration and actionability to my normal routine.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing a ton of the podcasts that I listen to, and hopefully will be taking some of your recommendations as well! I’ve been trying to break them all into categories to avoid making a long running list that no one would ever make it through.

I hope you’ll have time to give a few of these a listen, if you haven’t already!

Heart + Hustle Podcast

Angel and Charisma, the hosts of the Heart + Hustle podcasts, are certainly friends in my head! Whenever I’m listening, I feel like I’m sitting down with two ladies I’ve known for years, rather than two bloggers I follow on social media. This podcasts tackles everything from balancing motherhood and business to creating passive income.

My favorite episode: Creating Values for Your Business ft. Kelsey Cronkhite of Pinegate Road

The Minimalists

Okay, so these guys technically talk about…well…living a minimalistic lifestyle. But I’ve decided to include them with this bunch because so often, how they talk about lifestyle crosses over into work. Bonus, I really love their theme song/intro music.

My favorite episode: Technology 


Being Boss Podcast

Shannon and Kathleen are incredible in this podcast! I’m happy to say I’ve been following since episode one, and it’s only gotten better over time. They definitely practice what they preach, each having build and are successfully running their own businesses while balancing life.

My favorite episode: How to Be Boss When You’re Afraid of Failing

Creative Empire

I discovered Creative Empire while looking through another round up of podcasts while reading blogs, go figure. Hosts of the show Reina and Christina chat with business owners and creatives in all stages of their business to share their stories, successes and failures. I love the transparency their guests show and all of the insights I’ve learned in the few months I’ve been listening.

My favorite episode: Why Pretty Matters

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The #createlounge Podcast

I’ve known Kayla, the creator of the #createlounge brand and podcast, for years now, and definitely consider her a true friend. When she first launched this community and podcast, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint and it surely has not. #createlounge is an inspiring community in and of itself, and in each episode Kayla interviews fellow creatives and business owners on topics from trail blazing to creating a book in print.

My favorite episode: Carving Your Own Path with Jen Carrington

Be sure to let me know if you give any of these a listen, or if you have any other you’d like to recommend! I’ll be sharing other podcasts round ups here over the next few weeks.

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  1. The Friendzone is a must!

  2. Thanks for including me and Emily (Being Boss) on your list and in such great company! Some of these are new to me – thanks for the recommendations. XO, Kathleen

  3. I have a slight unhealthy obsession with podcast especially when its about positivity and business. I will check them out. I have not listen to podcast in awhile due to my schedule but i have to get back into it.

    fyi| love your blog