5 Ways to Treat Yo Self This Weekend

I don’t know about you all, but this week was such a doozy. I felt like I was stuck in an endless Monday until Thursday and had to keep reminding myself that Thursday wasn’t Friday. Safe to say I was a bit off of my game this week.

This weekend is a busy one. I’ll be working with some media in town all weekend and then ending the weekend on a super fun note at The Blog Connect Conference. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you there on Sunday! I’ll be speaking on the panel about how to work with brands.

Sidebar: I’ll also be hosting a workshop next month (wow, that’s in like a week) on pitching yourself for brand and blogger collaborations. Details to come soon!

Since I doubt I’m the only one who had a tough week, I wanted to share 5 things we can all do to treat ourselves a bit!

Write morning (or afternoon or evening) pages.

Starting your weekend by clearing your mind really helps to get your negative thoughts out and refocus on the good. I try to write morning pages every day because it really helps me put all of my scattered thoughts in one place.

Put your phone away for a few hours.

Great things happen when you disconnect for a bit. This weekend, treat yourself to a digital detox but putting the phone on do not disturb for a while and focusing on what’s happening right there in the moment.

My social media detox // the five minute disconnect 

Try a new workout class.

Work out your mind, body and soul this weekend. Head to your local gym or that boutique fitness class you’ve been wanting to try and get your body moving. You’ll feel so much better after you’ve shown your body some TLC.

Read a book in your favorite coffee shop.

And people watch between chapters (obviously). It’s always good to switch up your environment a bit and books are an even better way to escape real life.

All of the books I read last month // Where I get my book recommendations

DIY a soothing face mask at home.

Nothing makes me feel more refreshed and relaxed than a clean, fresh face. Skip the middle man and mix up your own face mask this weekend. Then curl up on the couch and watch your favorite Netflix show while the mask does it’s job! Try this mask recipe or any of these.

Regardless of how you spend it, I hope you have an amazing and restful weekend with a few treats thrown in as often as possible. Happy Weekend!

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  1. I have a 10-class pass to a local spin-style studio, but I’ve been terrified to go by myself, so I just… haven’t tried it yet. How dumb is that?! And yet, the anxiety, it’s real…

    I love that you’re speaking at a blogging conference. I’d love to hear more from you here about working with brands!

  2. Oh gosh, the beginning of this week was SO stressful for me… But now I’m looking forward to The Blog Connect this weekend! (also super nervous but mostly excited) // Reading a book AND doing it in a cafe… two of my favourite things in one! <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s