A Quick Life + Work Update

Hey Friends. I know it’s been a bit quieter around these parts and on YouTube in June. 

Not even three weeks down and it’s already been quite a month. Full of good things luckily, but full nonetheless. Just about every area of my life has seen some sort of change in the past 30 days. Again, for the most part, everything has been good if not great. But change causes stress whether it’s good or bad, and I’ve definitely been feeling a little extra anxious and on edge as I settle into this new season.

One big change happened at work thanks to a promotion and major change in my role. I went from doing about 50/50 social media support and traditional PR work to joining our social media team at 100%! I’m super excited about this new opportunity and challenge and couldn’t be more grateful that my team believed in me enough to let me make this shift.

Now, my new title is Social Media Content Producer –meaning I do just that: handle the production side of all of our social content from live and longer produced videos to Instagram stories and Snapchat. The Type A, hyper organized size of my brain is loving reorganizing all of our production processes and managing a (crazy packed) production scheduled. I’ll be both behind and in front of the camera often and love flexing both parts of that creative muscle, too.

It’s been a great change, but summer is our busiest and most stressful season so I’ve definitely had to hit the ground sprinting.

In other positive work news, I found out late last month that I was accepted into a 30 Under 30 Program!

These has definitely been an unwritten/unspoken goal of mine and I’m super proud of this accomplishment. I’ll get to meet the other Under 30s next month in California when I head to a big conference for other travel industry folks. I’m definitely an East Coast girl, but visiting the West Coast is always a fun get away.

I’m hoping to do a little exploring while I’m there. Mostly just searching for great tacos, but exploring nonetheless.

In the midst of all this good, I’ve been focusing a lot of being as mentally healthy as possible. I started going back to therapy this month and the timing could not have been more perfect. I really like my therapist and it’s been so helpful to have someone who’s completely unbiased listen in on everything floating around my head and help me to make sense of it all.

The recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain hit me especially hard. I’ve seen so many of my close friends struggle through their own battles with mental health, and I know how hard winning those battles can be. I’m grateful to have the support and the insurance to be able to proactive about my headspace but think constantly about those who do not.

If you’re able to be proactive about your mental health, do so! Wellness check ups at your regular doctor are a thing, so why not check in on your brain from time to time? I’ve been trying to put together my thoughts and write something more substantial around mental health, but I’ve been in quite the writing rut. In the meantime, you can start with this piece.

I have some big projects that I’m shifting my focus towards, that have unfortunately taken a back burner during this season of change. I can’t talk about everything, but some of those things include a new video series on my channel, new interviews on the blog and a series of in person workshops geared towards content creators. So much good is happening, and I feel so blessed and grateful that it’s happening to me.

I took a social media detox this past weekend to spend some time getting to the root of some anxiety and to close some of the tabs in my mind. I feel so refreshed and refocused, and highly recommend disconnecting if you need to. It works wonders.

What’s new in your world?

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