Tuesday To-Do: Be Productive, Not Busy

produtive not busyThis week’s Tuesday To-Do list is pretty short, straightforward and to the point. Something that you’ve likely heard before, and maybe didn’t put much thought into.

Stop encouraging busy culture. It’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals and developing your ideas into realities.

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Busy people overbook themselves so it’s impossible to be strategic in their opportunities. Productive people are selective and take time before committing to new ventures, so they can plan how it fits into the bigger picture.

Busy people focus on multiple tasks at once, and don’t advance very far in any. Productive people focus on one task at a time, and organize their work by priority.

Productivity accomplishes goals, business just keeps you busy. If you’re ready to stop running around, if you really want to get your week on track, nix the busy work and focus instead on being strategically productive.

Ask yourself what really matters, define your priorities for the day, and work smarter!

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