Behind the Brand: A Logo Story

Behind the Brand: A Logo Story(image via @jenserafini on Instagram)

When I rebranded E&M, I had little to know vision about a logo. I know it sounds strange that I would launch a blog without putting much thought into a logo, but I guess I knew inspiration would come…and it did!

I knew I wanted something clean, with simple variants that could be placed on anything: stationary, business cards, online products and of course the blog. This was my first time taking a stab at creating an actual logo, not just a blog header. Blog headers change all the time pretty simply, but logos imply longevity to me, and that’s something I really wanted to shine through my brand.

The feeling that Ember & March will be here for a long time to come.

Behind the Brand: A Logo Story

If you’re designing your own logo or working with a designer to create one for your brand, there are a few things you’ll want to consider or ask your designer about.

Fonts, most definitely. They shape and set the mood of your logo and, in turn, your brand. I know I wanted a clean line font that was minimal and easily styled. I didn’t want my logo to distract from the brand’s deeper meaning. If I ever redid E&M’s logo, I would definitely consider creating a handwritten font, just to add a personal touch.

Colors are also important to consider. Naturally, you’ll want to align the color of your logo with your brands color scheme. I knew I wanted greyscale coloring in my logo so that, if I ever decided to play around with my blog design, I wouldn’t have to edit my logo. Simple and minimal are definitely my style, but if you like something more vibrant it’s always fun to play around with color!

I also played around with different shapes when I was working through the logo. In the end, a straight forward design won my heart, but circular designs made frequent appearances in my drafts.

If you are working with a designer, be sure to be as detailed as possible. Your logo becomes the face of your brand; it’s your trademark. Create mood boards that explain exactly what your vision is, and remember to mark what you do and what you don’t like. Each are important in creating something true and unique to you and your brand.

What was the process you went through when creating your logo? If you haven’t made one for your brand just yet, what’s holding you back?

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