About Me

Q: What city do you live in?
A: Currently transplanted in Philadelphia.

Q: What are your favorite places in Philadelphia?
A: You can keep up with all of my favorite Philly spots and must-sees here.

Q: What did you study in college?
A: I majored in public relations and minored in Spanish.

Q: What do you do now?
A: I work 9-5 at a tourism marketing agency and run the blog part time (even though it feels like my second 9-5!).

Q: Are you reading/can you recommend any good books?
A: I'm always reading! Follow the hashtag #spotreads on Instagram for my latest book buys, check my monthly reading wrap ups and add me on Goodreads to keep up!.

Q: When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing?
A: Drinking coffee, reading a good book or just hanging out with my family (they're the best).

About the Blog

Q: Why did you decide to start blogging?
A: My journey as a blogger has been a long one, full of detours and rebrands. I started my first blog in high school, and managed small websites/blogs off and on. When I got to college, I wanted to create a place to showcase what I was learning, and set myself apart from other students. I planned to blog about professional development, career strategies and my experiences as a student and intern. Essentially, I wanted to create a digital portfolio and resume. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my passion was more in building a helpful community for other creatives, and I shifted my focus. A few name changes and rebrands later, SPoT was born!

Q: How do you come up with new post ideas?
A: I always keep a notebook on hand when I'm out and about to jot down new ideas that often become posts. I also read a lot, spend time with other creatives and try to answer reader questions/needs through my content.

Q: What blogging platform do you use?
A: I am a self-hosted WordPress blogger.

Q: What’s the story behind the blog name?
A: When I first learned about Third Space/Place theory, I instantly thought it applied more to blogging and online community than anything. To read the full story and meaning behind third space/place theory, visit the about page.

About Design

Q: How did you learn to design?
A: I taught myself bits and pieces of graphic design and coding over the years, mainly by being curious, asking questions and doing lots of google searches. I would learn to do one thing, practice it until I knew it well, and then learn to build onto what I already knew.

Q: How did you learn to code?
A: Like design, I started out on Myspace and taught myself bits and pieces of CSS and HTML through Google searches + trial and error.

Q: What programs do you use to design your blog graphics?
A: Currently, I use Photoshop to design my post graphics. Prior to that, I would use GIMP.

Q: Are you going to open a design shop?
A: Nope, at least not now or in the foreseeable future. But I have other exciting projects in the works!

Q: Can you help me learn coding and design?
A: While I don't have the time to answer everyone's unique design questions one-on-one, I have compiled a page filled with resources to help you with all of your blogging, creative and lifestyle needs!

Have any more questions? Feel free to shoot me an email, and I’d be happy to answer it 🙂