4 of My Favorite Philly Coffee Shops

bodhiPhilly is such a great coffee city, which works for me, because I’m definitely a coffee girl.

With so many shops to choose from and try, it will take much longer than the years I’ve lived here to sample all of the coffee that Philly has to offer. And being a creature of habit, once I find a place I like, I tend to stick with it.

I once tried to dedicate a Summer to trying a new coffee shop every weekend, and barely made it through 5 before bending to my faves.

Before I moved into my own place, I could only focus long enough to blog and get other work done if I went to a coffee shop. Working from home with roomies was always distraction. Making a temporary office in the corner of a cozy coffee shop has been a part of my weekend routines for years.

These are four of my go-to cafes to work, sip and regroup.


Menagerie Coffee

Menagerie has been a long time favorite. From the gorgeous wood and neutral interiors to the amazing drinks and delicious bites. Need a morning pick me up? Add the breakfast sandwich to your order. Maple syrup and pepper jack cheese are involved and will light up your taste buds in amazing ways. It’s usually pretty quiet, has lots of outlets and table space to get work done and the coffee will keep you plenty energized.

What I order: Hot latte, with a bit of the house-made vanilla simple syrup and the breakfast sandwich.
Can you work there: Absolutely! Wifi and seating a plenty.

Bodhi Coffee

Get the vanilla latte, just trust me. No matter the season or mood, the vanilla latte is a game changer. Bodhi is located in the Washington Square neighborhood, which houses one of my favorite parks in Philly. The cafe is small and bright with white walls and stunning light fixtures. It’s never too crowded, and there’s plenty of room to plug in and work.

What I order: Hot vanilla latte and a bagel with butter.
Can you work there: Definitely.

lacolombeLa Colombe

La Colombe isn’t unique to Philly, but it’s definitely a Philadelphia coffee staple. If you’re in the city and need a quick caffeine boost, skip the Starbucks and Dunkin’ lines and head to La Colombe. The lines can get long, but they always flow fast. There are always a few roasts to choose from, something for every pallet. They have a latte on tap, need I say more?

What I order: A black and tan in the Summer (a mix of their draft latte and cold brew), hot latte in colder months.
Can you work there: Not if you require internet (who doesn’t these days?!). Bring a book or a friend.

Joe Coffee

Joe is originally from New York, but I’m glad they planted some Philly roots. It’s not far from my apartment, so I perch here even more than usual. I would say I write at least 65% of my content from Joe. The coffee is strong and even when the space gets crowded, I always find a spot to plug in and work. Not to mention, it’s the perfect spot to people watch.

What I order: Chai latte, (and if I’m feeling the calories one of their donuts).
Can you work there: Certainly.

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  1. I’ve visited all of these! The one I frequent most is Joe, and I also always order their iced chai latte 😀 My favourite cafe in Philly has got to be Happily Ever After. It’s so cute! It’s definitely different from these four and is perhaps not the optimal place to work, but it’s a cafe full of good vibes 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. I love these places! I’ve actually never been to Joe’s, but I used to go to Menagerie all of the time when I was working in Old City. It’s so good and I love the atmosphere!