How I Set Up My Bullet Journal for June

June Bullet Journal Set Up

This was going to be a video, but thanks to some tripod difficulties, I’m laying out my June bullet journal set up here for you guys!

June is my most minimal and, not surprisingly, my favorite bullet journal set up yet. I’ve been keeping a bullet journal since March and I think I’m finally in a good groove with it. So much of this system is trial and error. Put something in, keep it if it’s useful and ditch it if it’s not.

Before I jump in, let’s do a quick review of some bullet journal terms for those of you new here or just getting started.

spread or layout refers to what you’re using a specific page of your journal to do. In the photo above, you see my monthly spread which is just a monthly calendar and my goals spread which I filled in later. A future log is exactly what it sounds like, where you log events or tasks that take place outside of your current month. I reference mine all of the time (and honestly couldn’t imagine my bullet journal without one). A collection is a set of themed data separate from your day to day planning. These pages are usually logged in your index, which is a table of contents for your journal. A few collections that I have include video ideas, blog post ideas, brands I want to work with, big projects and meal ideas.

There are a few spreads I’ve been using consistently and some I’m trying out for the first time this month.

June Bullet Journal Set Up

The first thing I set up each month is my monthly spread, using this vertical calendar format. I list all of the days of the week and month down the page, and highlight each Monday to see where a new week starts. Then I fill in appointments, deadlines and important dates as they come up. I’ll look back to my future log to see if anything came up in earlier months that I need to fill in.

Next, I set up a goals spread. I keep this page pretty simple and use a basic header just to note the page. Then I’ll write down goals for the month in different categories –usually personal, business and wellness. I reference these goals throughout the month to make sure I’m on track with things.

June Bullet Journal Set Up

Next, two simple spreads that I really love having in my journal each month. The first is where I write down all of the books I want to read during the month and all of the books I actually finish. I usually start out the month thinking I’m in the mood for one thing and then totally switch up and pick up something different.

I’m trying to get better at reading the unread books I own, so this spread has been helpful. I’ve been putting it in my journal every month.

The next spread was actually a mistake that I fixed with some black washi tape and made into something else. No pages wasted, right?! It was going to be a habit tracker, but I messed up the spacing. So I’m using it as a one line a day page where I write one line each evening that kind of sums up each day. I did something similar in March and really loved it, so maybe the mistake was a blessing in disguise.

June Bullet Journal Set Up

Next up are my habit and wellness trackers.

Habit tracking was easily the biggest draw to bullet journaling for me. To set it up, I write the days of the week and month down the page, and the habits I want to track across the top. Some flip this spread by turning the notebook and do the days across the top and habits along the side, but I tried that last month and like this better. Each day that you complete a habit, make a mark inside of the box. At the end of the month, you have an overview of how you did with your habits.

You can track literally anything you want! Some things that I track are posting to the blog, uploading to YouTube, doing my skincare routines in the morning and at night and sometimes I’ll add in new habits specific to my monthly goals.

June Bullet Journal Set UpI got this wellness tracker from a fellow bullet journaler on YouTube, Steph. I loved the way she was tracking how she was doing wellness wise throughout the month, and adopted her method.

You write down all of the days of the month, and then a percentage scale from 0-100. Each day, you give yourself a wellness ranking and then write down any notes on the side. This is great if you’re trying to track the effects of a new medicine or treatment, and illness you have or just the state of your mental health. You could even do a separate tracker for different areas of your wellness!

June Bullet Journal Set Up

And that’s pretty much it! I show you how I plan my week each Sunday on my Instagram stories, so make sure you’re following me there! I have a bullet journal highlight where previous set ups are saved.

As far as materials, I’ve been sticking to some staple favorites like the Zebra Mildliners and Pigma Micron pens, but what I’ve learned is that simple is best. This random cat pen I came across in a a local stationary shop and I kid you not, it’s one of the best pens I’ve ever used!! Smoothest writing and never smudges. Here are similar ones.

I’m so glad I finally gave this system a try, it’s been really great for me. Leave any bullet journal questions or post requests in the comments and I’ll try to get to them!

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