Life Lately / 04

Life Lately / 04Oh.. hello there. Remember me? I used to blog here.

I promise I have a good (and rather lengthy) explanation about why I disappeared from blogging over the past month. I won’t pretend it’s a very glamorous story, because it isn’t. But regardless, that story is on it’s way in an upcoming post.

Today, I just want to check in, see what’s up with all of you and share a bit about how the past month has worked out for me. Oh, and to say thank you. For sticking around, tweeting, commenting and connecting with me on Instagram. I’ve read every comment, tweet and email and even if I haven’t gotten the chance to reply, please know that I’m grateful for it all. I know my fade away was a bit unexpected (to me, too), and it means a lot to know I’m not back here writing to an empty crowd.

Perhaps because it’s the shortest month, or because it was unbearably the coldest on the East Coast, I spent most of the past 28 days thinking, studying, dreaming a plotting. Evaluating where I am, owning up to fears and envisioning fantastically where I hope to be within the next year or so. But like I said, there will be more on all of that, soon.

But the basics… 

DRINKING / Coffee (are we shocked). My first cup in the mornings has been one of the most welcomed moments in my morning routine. It helps prep my mind and body for the busy day (and artic chill) ahead. To balance my caffeine intake, I’ve been pushing myself to drink at least 50-60 oz of water, per day. And honestly? I’ve been feeling amazing because of it!

EATING / These Snap Pea Crips, whenever I can (mainly while watching Netflix). I was introduced to them last semester and I’ve been hooked ever since.

READING / Maximize Your Potential. It’s the second book in the series I mentioned before. My ‘to-read’ pile is getting increasing larger, and I’m hoping to take this week to get reading.

BREAKING / Out of my comfort zone. I have a post planned all about the fears I’ve admitted to myself that I have and how I plan to face (and conquer) them. What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

WANTING / Spring weather, already! It’s been nothing but freezing winds, snow days and ice-covered sidewalks on the East Coast. I’m ready for sunshine, shoes that don’t require socks and the ability to walk outside without tear-inducing temperatures.

WORKING / On some really exciting things for the blog. During my off time, I finally had the time to recharge, take stock and consider what it really is that I want (from this space and beyond). Now, I’m ready to make time and do the work.

What have you all been up to lately? How have you been beating the winter blues?

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  1. Sometimes it can be best to take a step away from things and come back refreshed and inspired for the future. Looking forward to hearing what your plans for the blog are, and it’s great you’re back! xxx

    • I agree. I feel more recharged than ever and I’m ready to get back to work.

  2. Amber, I’m so happy to hear that the time away has offered you an opportunity to be honest with yourself, and to figure out what the future holds. I have been away from blogging for over 2 months now, due to a combination of writer’s blog, design worries, and other life-likes-to-kick-you-when-you-are-down stuff, so I can appreciate where you’re coming from when you talk about the unexpectedness of taking a break – it’s great to have you back here, and I look forward to you sharing your post on fears. Goodness, what I’d do if I knew I couldn’t fail!

    • Thank you so much for the warm welcome back, Tori! I hope things are brightening up for you as well. I know it get’s hard, but take comfort in knowing it also get’s better again 🙂

    • I’m so exited to share!