Listen: Refresh 2017

Okay friends, we’re officially three weeks into 2017. How’re you making out?

I wanted to check in today for a few reasons. Well, a few reasons other than sharing a really great playlist.

One, because I know the first few weeks of a new year (or a new anything) can be about getting settled and making adjustments. So now, most of us are preparing to put our plans into action and start crossing early items off of our get this stuff done lists. Today is all about encouraging you to take some deep breaths and try to avoiding any pending feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Also because there are some of us who haven’t quite figured out what all of your goals for this fresh year will be. Because sometimes, that January 1 deadline just comes too quickly and we need a bit of an extension.  This is your friendly reminder that we all have the entire year to make something of this year, and we can do that whether we start in January or December. Relax.

To help us all feel a bit more refreshed and relaxed as we navigate our way through this new year, here’s a short and easy going playlist. Turn this on while you’re journaling in the morning or getting through the first fifty pages of that book you’ve wanted to start.

Happy Monday!

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  1. yea awesome playlist indeed!!! And I hope the New Year is treating you well looking forward to the gems coming from your blog this year!