Monday Morning Coffee // No. 25

smc 06 16Happy Monday, everyone! I decided to forgo our coffee date yesterday, so that we could all take some time off to celebrate the awesome dads in our lives for Father’s Day.

My dad happens to be one of the best guys that I know. I can always count on him for an encouraging word, to come to my rescue, and in short -to be my superhero whenever I need him to. I was happy to spend the day chatting with him about things happening now, and our ideas for the future. I probably would not be doing half the things that I am without the ongoing support and love from my dad. Any other daddy’s girls out there relate?

Even though we skipped coffee yesterday, I couldn’t pass up the chance to share all of the amazing links I’d gathered throughout the week. So, if you find some downtime during your Monday (or maybe, if you just need to escape Monday for an hour or two…), click around some of these.

+ Are you always able to ask for what you want? I struggle with this one…

+ If you’re like me an quick grocery trips turn into hours of mindless aisle-wandering, tips for easier grocery shopping.

+ Dress up your wallpaper a bit with this adorable gold and Paris themed creation from Corina on Likes of Us!

+ A reminder to be fearless because you already know everything.

+ Everyone is loving the book (and hashtag/phrase) #GirlBoss, but should you really become one?

+ Brighten someone’s day with these compliments that have nothing to do with physical appearance.

Enjoy your Monday -here’s to a great week ahead!

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