Moving 101: The Packing Game

movingseries_1Whether I’m moving to a new place or just headed away for a few days, I always put off packing until the very last possible minute.

And don’t even get me started on unpacking. I’ve been known to live out of a suitcase while at home for days on end. It’s a real problem.

When you have a dad that loves you so much he always agrees to help you move (even when you live up two very long flights of seriously steep steps), you can’t help but want to make packing and the subsequent moving simple and hassle free. Labeling, taking only the necessities and using materials that will get the job done efficiently.

Here are a few simple tips to help you procrastinate packing less, hate moving day a little less and make unpacking a breeze.movingseries_2

Don’t spend an arm and a leg on boxes

If you stop by your local post office or UPS, depending on the size you need the cost of boxes can add up quickly. Skip purchasing boxes and take advantage of getting them free by visiting local grocery stores or major retailers (think Walmart or Costco). Usually these stores have tons of boxes that either get tossed or recycled and they’re happy to part with them, for free! Stock up on these instead of shelling out the cash.

Prep your boxes to be move ready

Nothing worse than being in a top floor apartment and having to figure out how to lift a 10 pound box without blowing your back out. Ouch. Instead, pre-packing up use either scissors or a knife to cut half circles on both sides of your boxes. This makes them ten times easier to pick up on moving day.

Move out boxes in the order you’ll need to move them in

Think about the layout of your new place. If you pack up in a way that moves with this new layout, unpacking will be a cinch. The boxes for the furthest part in your house should be at the front of your moving truck. Same goes for upstairs versus downstairs items. You’ll be shocked at how much faster unloading goes!

Place your essentials in obvious places

There is nothing worse than moving and then trying to remember where you packed medicines or other daily essentials. Clearly label boxes with not just where they go, but special items that may be in them for easy access.

Create a plan for unpacking

Shelves, furniture and storage units will all have to be assembled before you start the actual unpacking game. Be sure to have tools (and in my case: someone who knows how to properly use them) on hand for an easy assembling period. Once you have the big items together, if you’re able, try to make unpacking one big swoop over a week or so to allow you to spend less time placing and putting away and more time settling in and creating a home.

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  1. When we moved, we bought these HUGE boxes from home depot. they were really handy, actually, and I believe they were $1.25 each. Totally worth it, since they were easy to label, stack and keep organized. (they came in a variety of sizes but we bought the biggest ones)

    • That’s awesome!! Literally boxes are so easy to come across for free/cheap if you really look!