My Weekend in Photos

My weekend in photosThis weekend was a long one, but a very very good one. And even though I’m struggling to keep my eyes open as I get these scheduled, I wouldn’t change a thing I did, saw and especially ate.

My weekend in photosMy weekend in photosMy weekend in photosOne of my favorite parts about living in the city is having access to tons and tons of art and creative displays. This weekend, I had the chance to see, walk through and experience the gorgeous display that is Creative Africa at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. From this bright and colorful thread display to some of the most stunning fashion designs I’ve ever seen, I loved every bit of it.

Part of my new job includes hosting press and writers in the city to show them Philly’s best. This weekend, I got to experience amazing exhibits like this with a group of great ladies who enjoyed the exhibit as much as I did.My weekend in photosAll topped off with views like these. I mean… come on!

My weekend in photosMy weekend in photosI also had the chance to stay at the Hotel Monaco for the weekend. Walking back into my apartment after staying in my beautiful, bright and colorful room definitely has me urging to step up my apartment decor. My weekend in photosNothing beats walking past tons of fresh floral arrangements and budding blooms at the start of summer. These sunflowers were in Rittenhouse Square on Saturday and it took everything in me not to head back home with 10 bouquets (all of which would be wilted away by mid week).My weekend in photosMy weekend in photosMy weekend in photosMy weekend in photos Now, let’s talk food and drink. AKA, the essentials.

I had the chance to dine at some of Philly’s best, and also some of my favorites. I had dinners at Double Knot and Vedge, both of which blew me away. Brunch at High Street on Market and Hickory Lane –which is a long time favorite for it’s brunch menu (and mimosas). And I wrapped up the weekend with some of my favorite tacos in the city, at Buena Onda.

My weekend in photosLooking forward to another great week ahead! How was your weekend?!

Oh, and don’t forget: I’ll be answering all of your questions from Philly favorites to blogging and more. So, ask away!

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  1. Ooh a friend and I have been wanting to brunch at High Street together! My weekend was quite relaxing. I just stayed in town, did some grocery shopping, cooking, reading, and blogging. I have too much fun grocery shopping and cooking for myself. The novelty of it hasn’t worn off for me yet ;P Hopefully I can keep it up haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Definitely recommend High Street, food and service were both incredible!

  2. Such a cute outfit! It is definitely romper season!

    First glance of that room and I thought it was your bedroom. And it’s funny because I had the exact same thoughts as you. The pic definitely has me wanting/needing to step my decor game up.

    • Thanks! Rompers are so great for summer….until you have to go to the bathroom of course LOL

  3. I love your photos, especially the art exhibit! I can’t express how excited I am to come across a blog like your just when I was starting to believe that blogging was a dying art. You express yourself beautifully.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Appreciate you following along 🙂