Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge

Notes on Philly // Lacquer LoungeLike many ladies out there, I definitely appreciate a good manicure. Nothing makes me feel more put together than knowing I have all of my boxes checked, head to fingertips.

A good pair of shoes and a bold (likely all black) outfit, and I feel I can take on the world.

Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge
But do you all remember when that New York Times expose on the horrors of local nail shops came out, and suddenly everyone’s gel got a bit duller? Not sure what I’m talking about? Catch up here (it’s a lengthy read, but worth your time).

But if you’re not down for the long read, essentially, the NYT exposed the shady business practices and unethical workplace standards of nail salons. I’d frequently visit trustworthy local salons, never really questioning how prices were constantly so low or if the business side of things were up to par.

Luckily, I haven’t had too many uncomfortable experiences, but that article definitely opened my eyes.

Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge Notes on Philly // Lacquer LoungeI’m always thrilled to find local businesses that offer great services and practice ethical standards –in relation to their employees, customers and business practices. And Lacquer Lounge is just that.

More than just your typical nail salon, visiting Lacquer Lounge was a full experience. Where you go after a long day of work, running errands or stressing about one thing or the next to do something for you. And feel good about it.

When you first walk into the salon, you can tell right away that you’ve stepped into something special. Everything is neat, orderly, clean and super bright and colorful. Definitely someplace you can trust to take your shoes off and stay awhile. They offer everything from mani pedis to waxing, and all for reasonable prices.

In addition to operating in a really well designed, gorgeous space, I loved that Lacquer Lounge has it’s mission posted all over the salon.

Lacquer Lounge is obsessed with your health and safety and dedicated to providing our customers with the safest nail care available one healthy Mani and Pedi at a time! We are committed to the highest standards of sanitation and sterilization, and want you to know what we do differently to ensure your experience is worry-free and enjoyable. – Lacquer Lounge Philosophy

Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge

And if you’re looking to carry on your pampering session at home, they carry tons of products for hair and skin right in the salon.

During my visit (which was on a Tuesday morning) it was pretty busy (news of good service travels fast) so I’d recommend giving a call ahead before popping in. But, if your visit is a bit less planned, they do accept walk ins and have an adorable waiting area filled with magazines and comfy seating.

Notes on Philly // Lacquer Lounge

You know you’re in a good spot when you walk in and see a magazine with Queen Bey on the cover, right?

There are two Lacquer Lounge locations to choose from, one in Rittenhouse, and the other in Old City. Both are located near great places to shop, eat, relax or get some work done.

*Full disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Lacquer Lounge, however they did allow me to try a complimentary service. I would absolutely revisit and spend money in this awesome local biz.

Lacquer Lounge
2051 WALNUT ST (Rittenhouse) / 38 N 3RD ST (Old City)

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