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Notes on Philly, Bluestone Lane CoffeeWhen it comes to chain coffee brands, I’m a Saxbys girl all the way. But for the past few months, one thing (along with being across the street from my apartment) has kept me drawn to the Starbucks line….the flat white.

The Flat White is the Australian take on espresso and milk. I love them because the espresso tends to be a bit smoother and shines through more than in your typical latte. I’m a huge fan, but not many of my favorite non-chain coffee shops offer the flat white on their main menus. So when I heard that Bluestone Lane was setting up shop in Philly, I knew my flat white prayers would be answered.

bluestone_01First, let’s just talk about the branding of Bluestone, because it shines through every phase in the experience and is breathtakingly refreshing.

From the cups to the cafe’s decor, the shades of blue make you feel beyond relaxed and mellow. The shop is full of bright natural lighting that reflects beautifully off of the wooden tables and seats, marble countertops and blue accents.

Whether you’re grabbing a coffee to go or sticking around to try some of their Australian inspired food menu, I’m sure you’ll be impressed and enjoy it.

bluestone_02 bluestone_06

Moving on to what really counts: the flat white.

bluestone_03Am I the only one who has to smell coffee before taking a sip? It can’t be just me. The smell can often tell me so much about the drink experience I have in store. So after the first inhale of this flat white, I knew I was going to be more than satisfied…and I was!

The espresso was so rich and smooth and played so nicely with the sweet whole milk. It tasted so truly authentic and will likely be the standard I compare all future flat whites to. I ordered the small which was just enough for a full flavor experience and an afternoon caffeine boost.

bluestone_04 bluestone_07And an added bonus? The cafe is only a block away from Rittenhouse Square, so if you’re taking your coffee to go, you’re steps away from the park (and the weather is definitely encouraging park play).

I’m so happy that Bluestone ventured from NYC and landed here in Philadelphia. I’ll definitely be back for a sit down brunch, and of course another flat white, in this sunny space soon.

Bluestone Coffee, Rittenhouse Square Cafe
1701 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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  1. Hi Amber,

    Just wanted to thank you for your lovely words on the Bluestone Lane brand in this blog post! I am the Executive Producer for Project 13 Inc; our Creative Director Richard Norris has been working with BSL since their inception and we are very proud of this brand and how well BSL has expanded, especially in the last year.

    The photos you posted are really great too…compelling and interesting. Nice work!

    Thanks again!

  2. Great article. I was the General Contractor on this job. I’m proud of the brand and the job that our sub contractors performed. Keep up the good work.


    Akiladelphia Creative Contracting, LLC