3 Principals That Will Guide You Towards Success

So much of finding success in what we do starts with our mindset. You can have all of the resources in the world at your disposal, but with the wrong mindset, you’ll fail every time. Trust me.

I mentioned recently that I took some time to get really clear on my goals and plans, longterm and short. I wanted to really hone in on what I wanted to be doing, how I wanted to spend my time and energy and what steps I would need to take to get there.

When I think of some of the creatives I truly admire who are doing amazing things on and offline, one thing they all have in common is a high level of committing to their commitments. They do what they say, they show up every time and they always give the best that they can in that given moment.

So, in thinking about things I wanted to do, and wanting to be successful in those next steps, I broke down 3 principals to follow for myself. And I truly believe that these simple principals, incorporating them into my routines, projects and processes, will lead me and you to see more success in what we do.

Keep your word

It’s as simple and as difficult as it sounds. Do what you say you would do, every time. That means sending that follow-up email that you promised, getting that blog post up or that Instagram photo edited on time. Writing that plan for the project you told your audience about.

And even more so, it’s about keeping your word to yourself. Taking the vacation you know you need, reading those books for pure enjoyment, not just to learn a new trick of the trade or technique (although, those books can be enjoyable, too!).

Don’t break your word to yourself or to others.

Show up

Don’t you hate when you have a meeting with someone and they show up completely unprepared? They haven’t followed up on next steps, haven’t read any material on the topic, haven’t covered the bases of the basics?

Or when you go to an event (especially one that you paid for) and nothing is as it should be? The tech isn’t up and running, the program is behind schedule and everything seems chaotic.

Part of keeping your word means showing up when you said you would, not just physically but mentally, too.

Part of keeping your word means showing up when you said you would, not just physically but mentally Click To Tweet

A large part of this for me is making sure I’m disconnected when I need to be. Turning off email notifications around 6pm each night, making sure the last thing I see before bed time isn’t a screen so I can actually get good rest, putting my phone on do not disturb so I can get my best writing done without distractions.

Everyday, practice truly showing up. Give yourself the time you need to prepare. Have all of your ducks in a row and be fully present in the moment.

Do your best

This is like the bow on top of a really pretty package. You’ve kept your word, and you’ve shown up. But now, it’s time to show out. To wow people with who you are, and remind them why it’s important that you do it (because no one can do it quite like you can).

Create your best work, write your best posts, do whatever it is that you do to the absolute best of your ability.

And hey, sometimes your best will be a productive 8 hour work day where you kill your to-d0 list. And sometimes, it will be a productive 45 minutes where you finally get your desk in order to clean out your inbox. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you are doing your best.

It’s all about committing to your commitments. I’ll be focusing on these three principals as I work my way through the rest of 2017.

And now, I’m going to proofread this post before hitting publish, in an effort to do my best in sharing quality work 🙂

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