Question: Do You Set Boundaries with Technology?

I recently turned on a setting on my phone that automatically turns on do not disturb mode around bed time. It’s already been a few weeks and I can already tell that it’s been such a game changer.

I’ve also started keeping my laptop and iPad in my living room over night (not in my bedroom where I’m tempted to watch just one more episode). I’ve been really dedicated to trying and reduce the amount of screen time I allow before bed to get better a quality sleep.

Granted, I let a lot of these rules slide on the weekends, or when I’m feeling especially stressed or overwhelmed after a long day. But for the most part, I’ve been doing good about setting these nighttime boundaries in my relationship with tech.

But let’s face it, technology and my devices are a huge part of how I manage my day to day activities. I listen to music on my phone while walking to work, check the weather on my phone before leaving the apartment, listen to podcasts during the day, schedule and write new posts and social content on multiple screens.

When I think about how much time I spend face to face with a glass screen, those few hours before bed really doesn’t seem like much of a boundary. And while it’s a good start, I want to think of other ways I can start being a bit more present and less focused on screen time.

Do you set any boundaries when it comes to technology? Where do you draw the line –screens in bed or do you set days to go completely screenless? Share your experiences in the comments!

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