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Spring Cleaning: A Mini Series / And Yes To JoyI’m pumped to be jumping right into the Spring Cleaning mini series that I announced last week. Today, I want to focus ways to do a little spring cleaning job on your blog. I know that your blog may not be the first area you think could use a good “cleaning,” but trust me on this one.

Maintaining a blog requires a lot of work, and sometimes we tend to allow things to fall by the wayside if they aren’t a persistent problem at the moment. I know personally, I overlook a few things every now and then in the name of saving time. But just because it isn’t broken per say doesn’t mean we should attend to and fix it!

I’ve broken the blogging clean up into sections, with a check list of action items at the end of each section. Pull together all of the check list items into one master list for a go-to blog clean up guide that suits your needs!

Clean Up Your Old Posts

After you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve likely made a few changes, found your way and started to produce higher quality content. Go back into your archives and see how those older posts are holding up. Do the links and images still work? Is the information still relevant? Does it even make sense to have that content in your space?

Before you do a mass delete of all your old content, ask if there is anyway you can reorganize it into something new and useful. If some of those old posts are oldies but goodies, spruce them up a bit! Then, create an “old favorites” post or a “best of the blog” page to keep the content flowing and share-able.

Old Posts Checklist:

_ All images are still working and look good
_ All links still work properly
_ Content is still relevant to your blog/ information is still accurate
_ Create a “favorites” or “best of” post/page to keep the content circulating
_ *Re-share a post or page after you’ve revamped it!

Update Your Plugins

WordPress users, I’m talking to you! How often do you log into your dashboard and ignore the growing number of plugins screaming to be updated? I’m so guilty of this one. Now that you’re in a clean up mood, take some time to sift through old plugins. Are they all still providing what you need? Do you have multiple plugins installed that do the same thing?

Plugin Checklist:

_ Delete plugins that are inactive or not meeting your needs
_ Delete duplicate plugins
_ Search for new plugins that can work more effectively

Look for holes in your editorial calendar

Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of the old, it’s also about better planning for the new. Go through some of your posts within the last few months. Are there things you’d like to be sharing that you haven’t posted about? Which categories of posts get the most views and comments and which ones seem to fly under the radar? Do you have sufficient categories to file your posts under?

Ed Cal Checklist:

_ Create a category for new content that I’d like to share
_ Delete old categories that are not frequently posted under, and merge those posts into an existing and relevant category
_ Update editorial calendar with new post ideas
_ Create a survey to see what your readers are really want to see

Refresh Your About Page

It’s always nice to revamp the page that many first time visitors will spend a few minutes on. Maybe the wording you found so poetic and clever the first time around doesn’t seem like you. Or maybe your about page isn’t a proper reflection of who you are and what your blog stands for anymore.

About Page Checklist:

_ Create a page that tells a story of who am I
_ Use engaging imagery
_ *Share on social that you’ve revamped the page

Add & Subtract Pages

Pages are a great way to organize content without creating unnecessary posts or clogging your sidebar. Still, adding pages to your blog also means adding another thing to manage and upkeep.

Pages Checklist:

_ Clear and concise writing on each page
_ Use engaging imagery
_ No broken links
_ Make sure you have a page for all of your blog’s needs
                 *generally: about, contact, sponsor, new reader page, press mentions/awards.
*Share on social that you’ve revamped the page

Links & Contact Info

Making sure your readers can get in touch with you is the key to growing a community on your blog. Visit your contact page, and make sure all of the email addresses and social media links lead to the right place. (*Is there a plugin you can you for this?!)

Links & Contact Info Checklist:

_ Make sure all links/email address lead to the right place
_ Make sure there is a link to the contact page somewhere on your blog
*Share on social that you’ve revamped the page

I know I just threw a lot out there, so feel free to work through this more with me (and each other) in the comments! Are there any areas of your blog that tend to get cluttered or forgotten about? How are you going to implement spring cleaning on your blog?

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    • So glad that you enjoyed it Sarah! Let me know if there are any other blog organization posts you’d like to see!

  1. Great tips!! I def need to go back and update the images from my older post so they can be pinned to Pinterest!

    • I have to do the same for the posts I imported from my old blog – I feel a weekend project coming on!

  2. Wow, when I have a free Saturday, I’m definitely going to go through and clean this all up! Great list!

    • This is a great thing to tackle on a weekend! Going through old posts is also a great way to get inspired to write new ones 🙂

  3. What an awesome post. Great ideas, let me go get started!

    • Thanks, I’m so glad you found it useful! Let me know if there are any other blog related organization topics you’d like me to tackle here!

  4. This is a great list you’ve put together, Amber! Very helpful! 🙂

  5. Very useful list! I just cleaned my closet to make room for Spring/Summer clothes and I think is time to do a Spring cleaning in my blog as well. Especially editing my old posts. Thanks for making it easy for us! 🙂

    • I’ll be undergoing a lot of spring cleaning in the weeks to come on my own blog, too. I’m glad I was able to share my plans and help everyone out!

  6. Great post – some of the things such as going through old posts to make sure they still work etc is time consuming, but so so worth it in the end.

    • It’s so worth it in the end! And going through old posts might even inspire some ideas for new posts!

  7. Love these tips! I just did a revamp of my about page and I know I have plenty of inactive plugins that I need to get rid of!

  8. Great tips Amber! This was a fantastic list and so well put together.

  9. These tips are amazing! I particularly like the last one “share on social that you revamped your page.” Very clever!

  10. Yes. Yes! Thanks for the reminder, I should do this now while I feel inspired. I just found my way over here via Something Winnderful… and I’m so glad I did.


  11. Great tips, thanks for the reminder. I already planned some time out to reflect and plan for the next quarter so this was perfect timing. 🙂

  12. Wow! These blogging posts are so wonderful. I’m a new reader and I’ve been spending most of my morning going through your archives- I love all this information and how you present it. Following you on bloglovin’ and twitter (: Can’t wait to read more!

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