Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 53

I’m writing this while craving all the late night snacks, but not daring to go downstairs to get anything after about 12 hours of Netflix food documentary screenings.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of weekend. So now I want to eat everything but can’t stop thinking about the sugar/dairy/soy/trans-fat/omgwhatisactuallyinthis content of everything in my fridge right now. Does anyone else get major headaches trying to sort through bad for you vs. worse for you debate? Greenwashing is real.

But enough of my food rants for one weekend.

Oh, before we jump to this week’s links, I have a quick resource to share. Since I read WAY MORE than I’d ever try to compile into these weekly roundups, I’ve started a Sunday Morning Coffee Links collection over on BlogLovin’. I’ll be updating it almost daily, and while some links may make it here, others may not. So feel free to follow along so you don’t miss a beat! Coffee still required 🙂

Links I’ve loved…

+ I need to make this breakfast immediately (seems safe enough, right?)

+ 4 ways to find more work/life balance (p.s does it really exist?)

+ Hallie was kind enough to answer some of my and a few other blogger’s questions about social media and blogging.

+ Create great graphics even when you’re blogging on a budget.

+ Quick and easy DIY business cards.

+ An honest take on blogging.

+ Some alternative oils for healthier meals.

+ I loved this article on creating a moral bucket list.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. That article on the Moral Bucket List = perfection. I’m always amazed at how frequently articles/blog posts appear in my life when they’re most needed or most relevant. I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing for the past month or so, and I can’t read enough about it and how other people see it.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great links as usual! I really enjoyed the read about moral bucket list– it’s definitely something to marinate on.

    — Mel //