Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 22

Sunday Morning Coffee // And Yes To JoyHello, hello! I hope you all are off enjoying the long weekend! I’m excited for another day of sleeping in and being a little lazy.

Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback on the new design! I’m still tweaking things, so if you find any errors or glitches please let me know! I’m excited about this fresh start for a fresh season, and can’t wait until it is 100% complete. I’m also really excited for the new Be Curious feature I’ll be starting! Be sure to send in all of your questions and curiosities relating to creating building community as a blogger/creative.

Okay, let’s dive into my favorite links from the week! There were so many awesome posts from so many sweet bloggers this week…

+ Jade’s post on home office inspiration has had me online window shopping and pinning excessively since I read it. What’s your dream office set up?

+ FREEBIE ALERT! A previous sponsor and simply awesome brand Fusepointe is running another giveaway! I wholeheartedly believe in the way Harry runs FP. Enter win 3 months of FREE hosting, and help with WordPress setup!

+ So much summertime color inspiration filled with citrus and sorbet.

+ If you’re looking to grow your coding knowledge, Allyssa wrote up a tutorial on styling links as buttons.

+ For all of my creative tea lovers, read 5 hot teas for creatives.

+ Powerful mantra: touch it once. I’ll definitely be putting this into practice.

+ So much touching honesty and transparency in Esme’s post on living with mental illness & her choice to not have children. Read Part 1 and Part 2, Part 3 will be live on her blog on Tuesday.

(image credit: bernd westphal)

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  1. I loved the mantra; I’m also guilty of postponing things until further notice often forgetting, tomorrow is never really promised to us. I absolutely LOVED the posts on mental illness & children. Kudos to any woman who is that open on her life-decisions.

    Have a great week Amber! xx

    • Esme’s posts on mental illness and deciding not to have children were probably the most touching posts I read all week. I love how transparent she was. Enjoy your week Erica, hope your weekend was a relaxing one!

  2. I love that “touch it once” idea…I’m also awful with ALL the things she listed. Definitely something new for me to try this week!

    • I’m going to be putting “touch it once” into heavy practice this week after such a long (and lazy) weekend!

  3. I would LOVE if you’d share more coding help. I’m trying to learn basic html and css but I can’t find many good resources! Most coding educational sites are not the kinds of things I want to learn, but that link totally was! I’d love to know how you learned to code–teach me your ways!

    • Hmm, I’d of course love to help! Where have you been looking and what are you looking to learn? I know that you design blogs, so I’m guessing more stylistic things rather than foundational coding?

      • Well I’ve tried code academy and Lynda and treehouse but those aren’t the kind of things I’m looking for–more foundational. I just want to know how to style a sidebar or a post title/date or navbars or things like that.

        • Those sort of things are really all short extensions of the foundational stuff. Once you learn the foundations of CSS, styling a sidebar or post title and nav bar is a piece of cake!! I’ll look through some of the resources I used to frequent and send you an email this week 🙂

  4. I love your new look. I am off to read the tea link anything with tea wins me over lol.