Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 64

File Feb 13, 10 58 46 AMHey there, I know: long time, absolutely no blog.

I don’t know how to really explain my sudden disappearing act (nor do I really feel the need to apologize or over explain). There are so many factors which have attributed to my 9PM bed times, over consumption of carby treats and, mainly, lack of blogging.

I’ll be posting about that a bit later, but today I just wanted to pop in just to remind you all that I’m still here, and catch up. Not blogging, even for just a few weeks, bums me out because I love it so much. And I love engaging with all of you! How’ve you been during my absence?

Grab your coffee (let me know what you’re sipping in the comments) and enjoy some links that I’ve loved this week.

Links I Love..

+ The truth about healthy drinks. If you’re trying to get more greens into your everyday (um, yes please), get smart and know your options.

+ I cannot wait until the official start of Fall. I’d trade these humid, high temp days for cozy sweater weather any day of the year. Meg shared 5 ways to reset and get things done for Fall.

+ I’m all about a royal drama, so I’m all for this next Netflix original.

+ 17 things you should do before and after hitting ‘publish’.

+ Get real: do you really need to make six-figures?

+ I loved Julia and her husband’s reflections on three years of marriage.

+ The truth about balance.

+ If you’ve been reading a while, you know I love ridding myself of clutter. This post inspired me to take it further: everything you own is a relationship.

I’ll be back this week with posts on the Ember & March brand, transitioning from college to the real world at warp speed and how to pull yourself out a rut and get into a routine.

Happy Sunday.

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