Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 34

Sunday Morning Coffee / Sharing Blog LoveThis weekend went by super fast for me, mainly because I spent most of it sick in bed. Nothing is worse than wanting to be productive and get things done and have zero energy to accomplish anything. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend letting my body recuperate and catching up on homework and studying before another crazy week.

I’m itching for a slow week where I have time to open Photoshop and get lost for a bit. Design is a huge stress reliever for me, and I’ve had a few concepts sitting in my head for a few weeks that I’d love to bring to life.

How was your weekend?

some links i’ve been loving…

+ I’ve been doing a lot of planning in preparation to announce the ecourse I’ve been working on, so I’ve definitely had biz on the brain. Here are 7 amateur mistakes I hope I don’t make.

+ Right in the middle of another hectic day, this post on insecurity and uncertainty hit the nail on the head.

+ Crafting your brand story means paying attention to the visual and behind the scenes details. If you’re looking for more branding help, Kory also announced her upcoming ecourse Brand Catalyst.

+ The key to a less stressful week may just require taking hold of your weekends.

+ A perfect reminder for all of us trying to juggle the world with one hand.

+ I sent out a newsletter out a few weeks ago about using the power of the word jump to make moves on the things you want. Rachel’s post was such confirmation that all my jumping hasn’t been in vain.

+ It seems a lot of bloggers have been dealing with uncertainty and overwhelm lately. Here’s how to get yourself out of a funk.

In case you missed it here

+ Busy days are inevitable for me, but this 5 minute disconnect works wonders for grabbing a piece of sanity during the day.

+ The difference between growing your blog and gaining a following.

Share a favorite post you read or wrote with me in the comments, I’d love to check it out!


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  1. Thank you so much for linking to me! I hope this week brings more peace to your life 🙂