Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 20

Sunday Morning Coffee// Sharing Blog Love via And Yes To JoyHappy Sunday everyone. I hope you eased into the weekend, and got to wind down from the week.

Last week was rough, and left me feeling pretty burnt out by the time Friday came. I hope those words for the weekend were as helpful to everyone else as they were to me. Luckily, this weekend left me some time to pray and reflect and get back on track. Whatever this week has to bring, I’m ready to face head on.

For the past month or so, I’ve been making plans for summer. This is my first summer in nearly 3 years that I’m not taking on an internship (or two). I’m using this time to establish some direction, usher more growth in the blog, and explore some fun projects before jumping into my (I can’t believe it’s here already) senior year of college! I’m excited to be taking this time to do things I’m super passionate about. Summer can’t get here soon enough!

Curl Up + Click On These

+ Anastasia’s amazing post on rebranding chivalry reminds us that the source of kindness shouldn’t distract us from kind acts taking place around us.

+  Bethany (who recently did an amazing redesign on her site) makes an excellent point about blogging for your friends, not your critics.

+ BLOGGER/CREATIVE MEET UP ALERT! Kelly from Behind the Design announced When Creatives Meet, taking place this summer in Orlando.

+ I’ve had a few bloggers reach out to me about rebranding/renaming their blogs. Here’s some advice from a blogger on going through the process.

+ Great advice on when it’s time to share your blog with others. I couldn’t agree more!

Ready, set, bring it on Monday! Enjoy the last of the weekend.

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  1. Congrats on easing up for the summer! I’ve had something to do every summer for such a long time and I’d love to take some time off to refocus during the “off-season” of school!

  2. great selection of posts here to get me revved up and ready to go this week! Thank you very much for sharing 🙂