Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 107

This week was long, heavy and exhausting. I hope that wherever you’re reading this from today, you’re comfortable, taking care and getting a bit of R&R.

For me, this Sunday is all about mornings in church and cozy cloudy afternoons in one of my favorite local coffee shops writing, scheduling and getting some reading done. Sometimes, you just need a day filled with a lot of peace and quality caffeine.

Links I loved…

+ If you needed another reason to fan girl over and fall more in love with Issa Rae, here you go.

+ Since it’s finally starting to look and feel like fall, I’m ready to get super cozy.

+ These October book recommendations are the perfect creepy fall reads your shelves have been missing.

+ One photographer captured the same people going to work for a decade.

+ Fellow morning people, unite! How to wake up at 5am.

+ Would you ever make a not to-do list? I think I might!

+ Creative blocks suck. Here’s how to find some inspiration.

+ I’m ready for crockpot everything, starting with this butternut squash mac and cheese.

+ And after that recipe, I’ll get started on this simple sheet pan greek chicken.

+ In light of Harvey Weinstein (and countless named and unnamed others).

Happy Sunday.

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  1. This week was a long one for me as well! Even though I got let off for fall break at the end of this week, I’ve been having longer days. Mostly because 1) I schedule my meetings in the morning because I like mornings, but 2) my friends like hanging out into the late evening, so I’m there too 😛 STARTING MONDAY AFTERNOON I’M GIVING MYSELF TIME!! // Love the October book recs; Final Girls feels like it’s been on my TBR for forever // Pretty crazy how that photographer was able to capture those people over that time period! // Love the morning tips 🙂 // Hope you’ve had a restful weekend! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s