Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 116

This weekend was a busy one. We hosted a group of media in the city for work, so it was nonstop attractions, meals and tours. It’s a lot to do, but definitely one of my favorite parts of the job. 

What do you do to recover from a long week or weekend?

One of my favorite podcasts, Lovett or Leave It is having a live show in the city tonight and I’ve been looking forward to it all month. Do you listen? If you want a healthy dose of political cometary paired served up in a way that will keep you laughing, give it a listen. It’s a part of the Crooked Media family and I’m obsessed with all of their shows, sites, social and newsletters. Keeps you informed without utterly depressing you, which is a rare find these days.

Now, the links!

Links I Loved…

+ I love Anna’s tips for bouncing back after a period of work and traveling.

+ Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this magazine!

+ I’ve been meal prepping and packing lunches more and more —adding this three bean salad to my list of things to try out!

+ Female friendships.

+ We often here complaints about a lack of “realness” on social media but how much “real” are we really owed?

+ Practice self care always, even at work!

+ Now that iced coffee season seems here to stay, I’ll be brewing my own at home.

+ The first step is to start. Even if you don’t feel ready.

+ The real reason sleeping in make up is so detrimental to your skin.

In case you missed it…

+ Some self care best practices

+ All of the books I read in April

+ Some recent library book check outs

+ A fun tag video!

Happy Sunday!

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