Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 81

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 81Today marks the official start of omg I’m really moving, so I need to get moving, week. Oyy.

There’s been so much happening with work and other sides of life lately that packing hasn’t been high on my list of to-do’s lately. But now that the reality of my moving timeline has really hit, I’ve made some serious progress over the weekend.

You can follow me on Snapchat for updates on my moving progress (and so much more). Don’t look out for my stories on Instagram anytime soon. I’ll share my thoughts on this latest update soon enough.

I’m also in the process of organizing a mini series to go live in mid to late September. I created a Twitter poll so that you all can help me decide on the topic, and there’s still time to chime in!

Links I Loved…

+ With apartment decor on the brain, this DIY duvet was super timely!

+ 8 bloggers bravely shared their failures, and what they learned from it. Just futher proving that failing once, twice or twenty times does not mean it’s over.

+ All politics aside, this tweet from FLOTUS to her man on his birthday will melt your heart.

+ 14 healthy habits of creative entrepreneurs.

+ Protecting yourself as a freelancer is so important. Sarah’s tips are a must read whether you’re side hustling or full time freelancing.

+ I needed this post a few times last week: 7 ways to get back on track.

+ What are some staples in your day and nighttime beauty routines? You might consider adding in some from this list (I’ve never actually been to a dermatologist, but think I might now!).

In case you missed it…

+ Coffee dates won’t cut it, ask you mentor for these more valuable things instead.

+ Create a workflow that works for you, not against you.

+ I met with an interior designer and asked all of your style, space saving and money splurging questions.

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  1. Good luck moving! I know it sucks. I found your blog on Bloglovin’ today, and wanted to let you know your photos are beautiful! #photogoals 🙂

  2. I find myself getting off track a lot lately and I think the link you shared will definitely help. Thanks for sharing.

    x. Cattleya

  3. Really interested to hear what you have to say about Instagram stories! It actively annoys me and I refuse to use it 🙁 // I so appreciate those bloggers sharing their failures! // flotus <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s