Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 83

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 83It’s been way too long since we last sat down for a coffee date, friends. September was some kind of month, and blogging among other things got pushed to the far back burner. Now that it finally feels like Fall in the city (I’m wearing a fleece jacket writing this and couldn’t be happier), I’m glad to be regaining some focus.

Links I Loved…

+ A simpler way to approach your weeknight dinners. The scenario they describe at the start of the article has been me many times.

+ The images from the recent Voyage issue of New York Times Magazine will blow you away.

+ 25 Famous women share their insights on being alone and the myth of the “old maid” theory.

+ As I work towards making the new apartment home, I’m always looking for tips, like decorating with coffee table books.

+ Lateness is definitely my number one pet peeve. So understanding why people are late was an interesting read.

+ 9 foods the will detox your body, much needed after the long weekend I’ve had!

+ LOL: The bored internet user’s guide.

+ 5 reasons your brand isn’t working for you, and how to get back on track.

Happy Sunday!

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