Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 86

no-86Sweater weather has had me in the best mood lately (despite fighting fevers and cold symptoms lately). Something about turtle necks and dark lip colors refuse any negatives cold weather may bright, am I right?

The one thing that has been bothering me a bit lately is my (still) unfurnished living room. Maybe it’s because the holidays are coming soon (or because I’m an obsessive control freak) but I’m ready to have a cozy space to have friends over and entertain.

I promised myself to take my time with this space but I’m ready to gather some more inspiration and start selecting pieces in the next few weeks.

Links I loved…

+ Now that the season is upon us, here’s a great post on how to tie your blanket scarf.

+ Some facts about coffee and your health for my fellow caffeine fanatics out there.

+ How post it notes can help with intuitive eating.

+ Be sure to stock your pantry with these staples to keep your skin glowing.

+ If you’re considering taking a break from your makeup routine with the seasons changing, here’s what you might experience.

+ How to make the most of fall ingredients in your meal plans (all of the brussels, please).

+ 6 ways to practice being more present.

+ Because we’re all wondering: how to make friends as an adult.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I can relate to wanting to cosy the house up for the season. I’ve been wanting to get a woven basket and fill it with a blanket throw and fluffy pillows that I can whip out whenever I’m feelin’ it. Also fuzzy slippers. // I tie my blanket scarf the same way 😀 // The intuitive eating thing is really interesting. I might try that! // Loving the fall weeknight meal planning tips. My roomie and I will definitely be using those tips this school year! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s