Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 89

no34_2This week is the first in a while where I don’t have jammed packed days and nights. Which means curling up with good books, actually eating and packing real meals again and a much less exhausted and over caffeinated state of being. So it’s looking like a good week ahead!

It’s finally starting to feel like winter in the city and save getting caught in a few harsh windstorms, I’m pretty happy about it. The cold air paired with the lights and shop windows are slowly putting me into the holiday mood. I’ve always loved this time of year.

Links I Loved…

+ A roundup of the best new podcasts of 2016 (because you needed more to add to your list).

+ While we’re talking bests, here are 2016’s best book covers.

+ My only goal of early 2017 is to finally put some furniture in my living room, so these bright and neutral living spaces are inspiring me to narrow down my sofa selection.

+ How to add some holiday cheer to your mantle space in a modern and gorgeous way.

+ 20 easy DIY Christmas gifts for those of you getting crafty this season.

+ Should you really feel bad about being addicted to your phone? Maybe not.

+ How the founders of theSkimm manage to get it all done everyday.

+ This bedroom makeover just warms my greyscale neutral loving heart.

In case you missed it…

+ A quick life update.

+ A playlist to help you wrap up 2016.

+ What I read in October & planned to read in November (update coming this week).

Happy Sunday!

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    • Yes! Where is the snow we were promised?!?