Sunday Morning Coffee No. 91

What a weekend.

Whether you watched from home, marched with the empowered or just did whatever you need to do to deal with reality this weekend, I hope you had a good one.

This week, I hope we all focus on the power we have to create, enact and manifest. For ourselves, for others and even for this country. We’re far more capable and powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Links I Loved…

+ I completely loved reading (and SO SO agreed) with all of Grace’s thoughts and gripes with Instagram.

+ Start building your empire now. No, we aren’t too young fellow 20-somethings, and the time will never be “right.”

+ This German City looked to coffee drinkers to implement a new practical approach to sustainability.

+ As I’m putting the finishing touches on my living room, these budget friendly space updates was super timely.

+ I’ve been touting the magic that is Apple Cider Vinegar for years now, but here are some ways it can benefit your skin.

+ I started rereading Harry Potter this month (which has been the best experience) and apparently, I’m just coping (I mean…accurate). Funny, I shared this link on Twitter and so many other adults who are rereading the series responded with reactions to this article. We’re all coping!

+ I loved Bianca’s thoughts on why you should write when you think no one is reading.

+ I’m currently reading My Lady Jane and I’m loving it! It’s a funny, “historical” retelling that forgoes historical accuracy for the sake of creating charming characters and scenarios bound to keep you laughing. I’m about 2/3 through and haven’t put it down! Here’s a review from one of my favorite Youtubers.

And while we’re speaking of books, thanks to everyone who added me on Good Reads and shared your current reads and favorites in the comments of my December book wrap up! I can’t wait to share what I’ve read this month and what I plan to read in honor of Black History Month in just a few weeks!

Have a restful and productive Sunday, guys!

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  1. Coffee is a great angle to approach sustainability! Gosh knows how many paper cups we use every day/week/month/year! // I haven’t read Harry Potter in so long. I keep saying I need to reread it, but there are always so many new books on my TBR! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s