Sunday Morning Coffee No. 95

This weekend, I had my 16 year old sister with me for a few days to hang out and catch up. There’s a pretty significant age difference between us (7 years 😳) but I’m glad she thinks I’m cool. I doubt she knows this, but she’s definitely a huge source of motivation for me. Especially when giving up seems to be an easier option than moving forward.

This week will be a busy one! A work event in New York, meeting with a few of my favorite Philly creatives to talk upcoming projects and finalizing content for a few others. Bring on all of the coffee and concealer, please!

Links I Loved…

+ Eat your way to gorgeous, glowing skin with these nutritionist approved bites.

+ While we’re talking skincare, this all natural face mask will help you look like you get way more sleep than you actually do.

+ How successful people manage to avoid stress and get it all done within the work week.

+ This sweet and creamy chai affogato is the pick me up you didn’t know you needed.

+ These productivity tips will help you stay on your game while reclaiming some ‘me’ time.

+ If you’re trying to motivate yourself to hit the gym more often, give Jess’ tips a try.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I have two younger brothers and the youngest is 7 years younger than me! Even though he’s taller than me, I always think of him as my baby brother 😛 // The chai affogato looks so good! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Haha my younger sister is taller than me AND our older sister! But, she’ll always be the baby 🙂