Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 97

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 97As this post goes live, I’ll be trading my Philly digs for Miami views for a work trip over the next few days. I’m here for the Hispanicize Conference to bring a little taste of all that Philly has to offer down to the golden state.

This is the first time I’ll really be trying out my new camera (more on that later) and I’ll be sharing all of the work I’m doing on Snapchat and Instagram over the next few days!

Links I Loved…

+ An experiment in “fakefluensting” on Instagram –the spam comments are beyond annoying, but the science behind the madness is almost genius.

+ Because fake it till you make it seems gross sometimes, how to beat imposter syndrome.

+ How to manage that urge to do everything all at once (aka every creative’s struggle).

+ If you’re struggling with making your blog, business or social presence really pop and thrive, you might want to invest in a copy writer.

+ Do blogs still matter in 2017? Yes, they absolutely do –and this post sums up why perfectly.

+ How far in advance do you plan your social posts? This blogger plans her Instagrams 90 days in advance!

+ A DIY to support my candle addiction!

Happy Sunday

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  1. Have fun in Miami! // woahh I didn’t know about the world of fakefluensting at all, but I do get annoyed by spam comments. Tempting lol, but at the end of the day, it means more to me to have a following that is actually interested in the content I share 🙂 // Loved the article about whether blogs still matter // Dang I wish I had enough Instagram content to plan 90 days in advance! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you!!

  2. You have the best round-ups. What do you read on an everyday basis that leads you to such good stuff?

    • I’m glad to hear you like them! I find most of the reads I share here on Twitter or when catching up with sites I follow on Feedly!