Super Orange Smoothie Recipe

Orange smoothie RecipeI know green smoothies are all the rage right now, but here me out on this one.

I personally think there are just a few golden rules when it comes to making fruit and vegetable smoothies that should always be followed:

Orange smoothie recipeFirst, I hate using water as the liquid in my smoothies, but never opt for juices instead because of the other added sugars (and then some). Grab your favorite greek yogurt in lieu of juice, or your favorite non-dairy milk (I like coconut and rice, but almond or cashew milk work just as well).

Side note: I’ll be sharing a post on my favorite non-dairy milk alternatives that aren’t nut milks in an upcoming post!

Second, following the no water rule, I nix the ice when I make smoothies at home. Instead, grab frozen fruits, or chop and freeze your favorite smoothie ingredients ahead of time. All the chill, without diluting the flavor.

Orange Smoothie RecipeAnd lastly, play with your colors! Green is great but so are red, orange and even brown smoothies. Add the good stuff even if it’s not pretty.

This recipe however does yield a gorgeous orange colored smoothie. It’s simple, delicious and makes a great light lunch or snack to give you a tasty jolt of energy.

It’s quite an easy recipe, so you can add your favorite extras to really up the ante.


Super Orange Smoothie (1 serving)

+ 2-3 large carrots
+ 3-4 slices frozen peaches
+ About 1/4 cup frozen pineapple
+ 1/2 tbsp chia and flaxseed mix
+ squeeze of lemon juice
+ 8oz rice milk (or any liquid)[/column][/column-group]

Blend, serve, and enjoy!

As far as blenders go, I use the Ninja Fit Single Serve blender, and it works perfectly. It makes just enough for one and I never worry about wasting ingredients. If you’re shopping for a blender, be sure to find one that does a good job of really chopping up the ingredients you plan to use.

Nothing worse than a smoothie that has the texture of salsa!

Orange Smoothie Recipe


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    • It’s super refreshing! Definitely one of my favorites I’ve made 🙂

  1. This looks super tasty! I’m excited for warm weather and drinking smoothies for a morning boost.

    • Yes this will be amazing once the nice weather settles in!