On Blogging: Repurpose + Repromote Older Content

Can I be honest? I work really hard on my blog posts. I put a lot of passion, care and love into everything I post here, or send out in my newsletter. When I finish a piece of content, I feel so proud and eager to share it with as many people as possible.

Before I began blogging with direction and purpose, I rarely promoted my posts heavily. I would tweet out links on occasion, but that was as far as I’d go. Self-promotion didn’t feel comfortable to me, I thought people would think I was full of myself, or that they wouldn’t respond well to what I was sharing.

Everything has changed now.

I’ve accepted that there is value in my content, and that I should share what I’ve produced with as many people as possible to live out not only my brand’s purpose, but my own purpose as well. So, that’s what I want to talk about today: how to repromote and repurpose older blog content to help increase your traffic + keep eyes on all of the amazing content you’ve created.

Just because a post is a few days, weeks or months old does not mean it’s outdated. Most posts don’t have expiration dates on them, so by sharing them consistently, you’re giving readers more of a chance to soak up good information. If you’re a WordPress user, there are plugins like this one to make that process incredibly simple. Personally, I opt to skip over the automated re-share systems and developed my own strategic method of sharing.

Here are my top tips for repromoting and repurposing older content.

>>Look at what’s happening now –current events, hot topics in the blogging community, special events that are taking place. Then, review your content and pick out select posts to share throughout the week that will be relevant and helpful during that time. It’s a little more time consuming, but it helps target and position your content to yield the best results possible.Continue Reading

Behind the Brand / Staying Inspired

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I didn’t think this ‘behind the brand’ thing would catch on, and become a reoccurring feature. But I get lot’s of questions about some of the behind the scenes deets of Ember & March that I wouldn’t get to cover, otherwise.

Today I want to share a bit about how I stay inspired: to blog, extend the brand (think newsletter and special offers) and where I find most of my inspiration from.

It sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is, but I do think that there is much to be learned by simply getting the chance to see how someone else does it. Because the fact of the matter is that so many people who read this blog do want to expand their brands into more than just a blog. Maybe you want to open a small business, offer a few services, or impact people’s lives positively by creating and sustaining a booming community of bloggers. All of those things are awesome, and all of those things take a lot of inspiration (and coffee, so much coffee).

I get blog ideas/inspiration from:

+ Getting outside of my head a bit. I love exploring the city, and popping my head into new cafes and trying out a new latte or iced coffee. Being in a new environment and people watching, surrounding myself with the unfamiliar helps to clear my mind and make room for new thoughts (like posts).

+ I give the answers no one had for me. When I first got to college, no one taught me how to make an effective to-do list; when I was working on my rebrand, some of the tips I needed were hard to find; and it took a minute to get the difference between WordPress and WordPress. We learn so many lessons over time that we can pass on to help others. I use my lessons and answered questions to create new posts that help others!

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Refocusing Your Content

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I’ve mentioned before that I recently had a mini consultation with Kory (who also sent me this gorgeously wrapped package), which really caused me to step back a bit and look at my content. We both agreed that my posts were consistent, and I was doing a lot right, but my entire mission statement wasn’t being portrayed in my posts.

I was covering lot’s on blogging and branding (mainly because those were fresh on my mind post rebrand) but less on organization and wellness, which are just as important in this space.

I took a look at my editorial calendar and decided that a fresh month was a good time to freshen up my content a bit. I wanted to refocus and insure that there was balance in my posts.

Tweet: Step back and see the bigger picture of what your blog & brand aim to do.

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Writing the Perfect Guest Post

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Whenever possible, I love having the chance to contribute to other spaces, or have other bloggers come and contribute here. No matter how long you’ve been blogging, or how well versed you are in the topic your blogging about (even if you just blog about life) you have done, learned or experienced it all. Inviting and contributing guest posts are a great way to add a little diversity to your content.

Not to mention, guest posts are a great way to grow your relationships with other bloggers.

Some bloggers go ahead and create a document that has all of their guest posting guidelines on it, which is totally fine. It saves some of the hassle of having to remember exactly what you told the last blogger who contributed to your site, and saves the contributor the struggle of guessing and hoping they format and structure their post correctly. Personally, I have written up formal guest posting guidelines, mainly because I haven’t seen the need, and don’t have many requirements for guest posts.

Regardless of whether you receive guidelines or not, there are still a few simple rules you can put into practice to make sure your guest post is well received every time.

Pitch well, but not too aggressively. The secret to finding guest posting opportunities is incredibly simple: pitch your ideas. Oftentimes, bloggers looking for guest posts will send out a call of some sort by reaching out to certain bloggers or posting their need over social media. If there haven’t been many call outs and you’re looking to submit a post, reach out to the blogger who’s site you’d like to post to and pitch your idea.

When I say pitch, I don’t mean demand that they allow you to post or send them your article over the first email. Rather, share your idea with them, why you’d think their readers would enjoy the post, and what inspired you to want to guest post on their blog to begin with.

And don’t be afraid of reaching out; bloggers don’t bite!Continue Reading

On Blogging: Creating a Feature Column

One of the most viewed and commented on posts I create are my weekly Sunday Morning Coffee roundups. I started the column on whim, as a way to share posts I loved throughout the week with all of you, and push myself to connect with and read other blogs. Through the SMC column, my blog has grown, a community has developed through comments and social media, and I think I’ve gotten to shine light on so many amazing bloggers that I love.

Featured columns, ones that you create on a consistent basis, are great ways to develop your content and give your readers something to look forward too. It’s one less post idea that you have to struggle with coming up with, which gives you one more day to find new creative posts to add in between columns.

Before you decide to create a new column, here are some things you’ll have to consider:

– How often will you feature your column?

– How much planning ahead will you have to do, and do you have time to do it? (For Sunday Morning Coffee, I gather links from Monday-Saturday, and write the post Saturday evening.)

– Will you collaborate with other bloggers? I love the Between Lenses column collaboration between Latrina and Tara.

Your column can focus on anything: links you’ve bookmarked over the week, trends your loving or photos you’ve snapped. I’m most drawn to the features that give me a peek into the way the blogger sees the world.Continue Reading