Giveaway / Fusepointe

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am so excited to be introducing you all to one of my amazing sponsors today, and to hopefully make two blogger’s lives a little easier.

I’ve known Harry, the founder of Fusepinte, for years now. When he first told me he would be starting a new hosting company, I couldn’t wait to bring him on as a sponsor! Before I moved over to And Yes To Joy, Harry was my host for over two years. He’s been building and developing websites for years now, and has so much to offer bloggers of all experience levels. The passion that he has to really help bloggers improve themselves and reach new levels can’t be found in many hosting companies.

Fusepointe is a website development, hosting, and social marketing company. Harry and Tim work to build clients websites powered by WordPress (and occasionally a hand-coded HTML site), host websites on our servers for clients (very inexpensively, starting at $3/month), do logo design, and a little branding work. We also specialize in something we like to call “fusion”, which means integrating your various social media accounts and email marketing platforms with each other and your website.
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