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Blogging and The Guilt Game

A few confessions about some of the latest things I’ve been guilting myself over lately…

I didn’t manage to get a Sunday Morning Coffee post up yesterday.

The February newsletter was supposed to be sent out and in all of your lovely inboxes on February 10th. Life happened; other commitments challenged my delicate blogging schedule… and the newsletter went out two days late. Was it a good newsletter? I’d like to think so, I’ve received some pretty positive feedback on it! My constant thought on it, “it was late, I promised it on one day, and I delivered it late.”

I was supposed to be revealing a brand spanking new design today. It’s been in my notebook, planner and on post it notes around my desk for days now. Where is this new design, you ask? Well, over 15 versions of it later, it still sits, unfinished, and will hopefully be ready this week…

There are comments on posts from last week that I haven’t had the chance to return yet, sorry guys.

There are pages on the blog that need to be refreshed and updated. I promise, I will get to them.

There may be an email or two sitting, unopened, in my inbox right now. I promise, I will get back to you, I didn’t forget you.

Some other, non blog related guilts…

I’ve been starring at those two missed calls from my older sister for well over 36 hours. It’s not that I don’t want to call back, I just haven’t found the right time and space to sit down for a chat.

I ordered out way too much this weekend. Way too much.

It has been months since I went to the gym. And don’t even get me started on my current laundry situation.


How many times have you popped by your favorite blog, only to be greeted by an apologetic line or two from the blogger. Apologizing for taking some time off from their regular positing schedule, or even for doing some of the things I mentioned above.

As bloggers, we often become so attached to our spaces and our readers that we start fabricating expectations. I say fabricate, because normally the expectations that we think others have of us are far more heavy than the ones they actually have.

That’s why when you read that apologetic blog post, you don’t think “yes, she/he had better explain why that newsletter was late.”

No. I’ve found that, when you have a really great relationship with your readers, they are more concerned for your personal wellbeing. The guilt that you’re feeling is self inflicted, and a burden that you just don’t have to bare. So let it go.

I mentioned that one of my goals for this month is to avoid feelings of overwhelm. I think part of that begins with letting go of these feelings of guilt.

Have you ever felt this type of guilt before?