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Creating and Practicing Daily Affirmations

Every morning this summer, around 7am (when I’m finally able to coax my eyes open), I go on Twitter to satisfy my feelings of social media FOMO. For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that every morning at this time, a friend of mine tweets the same affirmation. It’s simple, honest and to the point. It reads: only good lies before me.

What’s the first thing you tell yourself (or others) in the morning? Do you do a mental run through of impending tasks, unanswered emails or unscheduled blog posts? I’m guilty of all of the aforementioned.

What if you started your day differently. What if the first thing you told yourself (and others) each morning was the very substance that fueled your day on the highest note possible. That’s truly the power of daily affirmations -more specifically, developing one powerful affirmation which you repeat constantly.

Creating a daily affirmation is just a personal and deeply self-exposing process. You have to look inside of yourself and ask: What is it that I need? What am I afraid of? Where do I feel lack? 

Questions that we normally try to hide from, or use other things to distract us from. You have to let go of your crutch, drop your guards and allow yourself to let vulnerability and humility reside wholeheartedly within you for a moment. You may feel exposed or unsafe at first, but in the end, you will find yourself standing strong and free.

I once wrote a running list of fears in my journal. All of the things that kept me awake at night, that brought on unaimed tears. I decided to revisit that list, and use it as a jumping off point for a daily affirmation. I looked for commonalities, themes and trends between the words and phrases. This is what I ended up with:

I am successful, full, complete and well prepared. Even more great things lie ahead.

Easy ways to practice daily affirmations:

+ Say them out loud, everyday – like in the morning when you’re showering or going through your routine.

+ Share it – post it on social media {I’ll be tweeting mine}. Or tell it to a friend – text each other your daily affirmations!

+ Write it down. In a journal, a notebook, on the bottom of your to-do list. See the words as you say them.

+ Immerse yourself in it, and let the words become your truth.

Do you have any affirmations that you say daily? If you’re creating one, share it in the comments!

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5 Self Confidence Boosters

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had an amazing week, and have sweet weekend plans ahead! All of the sweet tweets and comments on last Friday’s post inspired me to usher in this weekend on a high note as well. So today, I want to talk about confidence.

More specifically, I want to share some self confidence boosters for the days when it just seems like everyone is doing better than you. Spoiler alert: they aren’t doing better than you are, it’s all in your head, stemming from a lack of confidence.

I want to break the myth that low or lack of self confidence is an attribute of the weak. It’s not, it’s an attribute of a human. We all have those days where we doubt ourselves, feel a little less spectacular, or feel like we’re traveling on a lonely road while everyone else zooms down the express way. It’s normal, it happens. The trick is, not to live in that space, to know that those thoughts are as temporary as your situation, and move on.

So, when those days roll around, try these self confidence boosters…

01 / Make more.

It may sound cliche, but practice really does make perfect. Whenever I’m feeling self conscious about sharing a new post idea, feature or design, I always go back and make more of the thing I want to share. Why? Because you become more comfortable with it, and you know the work that you’ve put into it is worthy of a huge (and positive) return on investment from others. The more you practice your craft, the more you trust your abilities.

02 / Think Positive Thoughts

A lot of times, I find that we plan for the worst and totally forget that the best is even an option. Stop siking yourself out and making assumptions about what others are thinking. Don’t assume they’re going to hate it, walk in believing that they will love it, and love you, too. Why? Because you are awesome, that’s why. And I promise I’m not the only one thinking that, so you should be thinking that, too! Spend a few minutes every once in a while writing down all of the things you know you can accomplish, then make a list of this you’ve already accomplished. Track your awesomeness!

03 / Believe in What You Do

I’ll admit, sometimes I get a little tinge of apprehension before hitting publish on a post. I have doubts if the content I create is really valuable and useful. The only way I get over that initial apprehension is by remembering how much I believe in the things I create in this space. If you do things that you genuinely believe are good and useful, trust that the rest will fall into place. Continue Reading

Words For Your Weekend

Hello friends, happy Friday – we’ve made it through another week.

I had another post planned, but after the week I have I thought it’d be better if we kept it light and walked into the weekend with a heart of rest and positive energy. I had a rough week, and I would not have gotten through had it not been for some awesome people sending me sweet words whenever I needed them. So today, I’m spreading the joy to all of you, please keep the love coming in the comments!

01/ Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be fully there. Allow yourself to be fully present always, and if you can’t be fully present, allow yourself to rest.

02/ Do work because you are passionate, not as a means to an ends. When everything you produce is a labor of love, you will never find yourself overworked.

03/ Keep your heart and spirit clean and fresh. Don’t allow un-forgiveness to dwell this weekend. Let it go, move forward.

04/ Remain in a constant state of gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for. This week, I was thankful for hot coffee and kind friends.

05 / Surround yourself with people who will meet you where you are, and help you get to where you’re going.

06/ Remember that things happen in a cycle. So your bad week may be someone else’s good week, and vice versa. Show compassion, and when the cycle comes back around, someone will show that same compassion to you.

Feel free to leave more warm thoughts and positive energy boosters below in the comments. Have a great Friday!

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The Power Of Dreamers & Other Lessons From The 2014 Oscars

I rarely watch an awards show from start to finish. I love admiring the insane amounts of style that strut down the red carpet, and reminiscing about my favorite moments in the different categories, but by the halfway point I’m either uninterested or too tired to continue. But this Sunday, I watched the Oscars from start to finish, and I’m so glad that I did.

I was really rooting for a few films, and loved seeing my favorite stars in all of their splendor. For many of them, the Oscars is like a graduation from a tedious and insanely competitive program that has no official end date. The mixed look of nerves and genuine accomplishment on everyone’s faces is almost contagious, you can feel their emotions radiating, and I was feeling them too!

By the end of the show, I was totally exhausted, and simultaneously immensely inspired.

I didn’t expect a post to come from the show, let alone all of the takeaways that I’m about to share, but it merely goes to show that inspiration is everywhere. (Which is why I always keep a notebook & pen nearby!)

01/ The power of an idea and a dreamer. This year I found myself listening to the awards that aren’t broadcasted. The ones that won’t be plastered on the front page of newspapers and lifestyle blogs. As I listened to the acceptance speeches, viewed snippets of small films and heard selected sound bites, it hit me that all of these little pieces were the fruits of someones dream.

One of those short films probably began as an idea in someone’s notebook. The sound technician probably played around with little pieces of less than sought after equipment, hoping that one day someone would be able to hear the sounds the way he did. And now, we were hearing them – the world is, in one space, and we are honoring the dreamer who was bold enough to chase an insane passion. How powerful is that?

02/ A small team of mighty supporters makes a strong impact. Some of those same smaller, less talked about categories that won less night only had 2 or 3 people on stage to receive their awards. Some only had single digit teams working on the project as a whole. Still, they were able to achieve so much.

Undoubtedly, there is strength in numbers. All the same, there is strength in a team of passionate and willing individuals willing to go all in. So know who is on your team, and willing to dream on the same scale that you are.

03/ The beauty of humility and thankfulness. Some of the acceptance speeches last night nearly moved me to tears because of their pure sincerity and transparency. I felt like the awardee let us into a piece of their soul even more precious than the one they shared in their work. Because now they were not acting, there were being fully themselves, which is an incredibly vulnerable position to be in.

04/ The fulfilling power of joy. This lesson is a full credit to the stunning Lupita Nyong’o and her incredibly powerful, emotional and sincere acceptance speech. I have never gotten more chills and joy from seeing someone win an award for sharing the depths of their heart and talent. View her speech here, in case you missed it. I hope it touches your heart as much as it touched mine.

05/ The true purpose of talent. Without a doubt, there was more talent in that one room last night than exists in many other places. And all those talented individuals, and teams, wanted to do, was take what they could bring and create something to give to the world. Something that would open eyes, touch hearts, and create a wave of joy to crash over us all.

I say, mission accomplished.

Did you tune in Sunday night? Which moments stood out most to you?