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What Blogging Taught Me About Dreaming Big

My decision to up and rebrand..again, has really made me start reflecting on blogging. But then again, when am I NOT thinking about blogging?

So many of the goals I’ve set for myself and things I hope to do revolve around blogging and life online. Everything from my writing goals to freelancing and designing all come back to things I’ve done in this space, and new things that will be popping up in my refreshed space. When I decided to jump online again during my freshman year of college, and start sharing my insights with the internet, I had no idea that my journey would evolve into this. At most, I thought I’d graduate with a new hobby and a resume booster at most.

But now…

Now I’ve realized that the possibilities for me are truly endless. Hard work and willingness to put myself out there has already brought me so many opportunities, and I know that the best is yet to come.

Mainly, blogging and joining this awesome creative community has taught me a lot about dreaming big. Namely -how to convert your dreams into goals, and those goals into products. I never thought that I’d be working on developing an e-course, writing e-books, looking into different publishing opportunities for my own book.Continue Reading