Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 31

I’m scheduling this Sunday Morning Coffee earlier than I usually do (it’s Friday morning) because I’m spending the weekend settling into my new room and spending time with my younger sister.

After a week of putting together furniture, running back and forth to stores picking up little things you never know you even need until moving, I’m finally starting to settle in this new place. With the new semester kicking off in just a few days, I’m really happy to have my sister here to help settle me in and center to focus for the upcoming week.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you know that I sent out a really special offer in this week’s newsletter that made me incredibly nervous. If you didn’t get the email, I’ll recap it: to help end the summer with a bang, I created a special, limited time offer blog consultation called Blog Boost, which was only available to email subscribers. I’m thrilled that I’ll be working with two bloggers on bettering their content and accomplishing goals to take their blogs to new levels. I hope that this offering is just the first of many to come, especially as I continue to write and prep to publish the e-course I’m working on!

What exciting projects are you working on?

On to my favorite links from the week…

+ Know someone starting a blog, or starting one yourself? Here are some of the basics you should know.

+ What things are your must-haves for getting work done?

+ An awesome reminder for anyone chasing perfection.

+ Are you self-sabotaging by procrastinating? It’s time to let your light shine.

+ I was so inspired by the vibrant and light filled world of Jessica Swift.

+ Easy weekend food prep routine to help you make healthy choices during the week.

+ This simple DIY will add a pop of luxe to your desk.

+ Dealing with rejection can be tough when you put yourself out there online. How to deal when people unsubscribe/unfollow you.

+ If you’re a creative (and since you’re here, it’s very likely that you are) you should know that The Creatives Club recently announced plans to host a conference! Read up on the plans support if you can.

and in case you missed it…

+ I talked about trusting your gut and pushing yourself to try new things.

+ The Route 101 mini series officially kicked off, starting with where to begin when wanting to form new routines.

+ I introduced a new column on the blog where I interview creatives and business owners to introduce you to the people behind the brands, blogs and products we love. First up was Kory!

How was your week? Now that I’m done with the hassle of moving, things will be back to normal with posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the newsletter going out next Monday, September 1!

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 30

Happy Sunday, friends.

I’m spending the weekend moving into a new place, unpacking, organizing and getting things settled. As much as a loathe the moving and unpacking process, I am really excited to make this place home for the next year. I have so many great ideas for my bedroom aesthetic.  I want to focus on buying little things that make big statements, that will translate over to my post-grad apartment. Always thinking ahead, this girl.

This week, I found out that I’m the lucky winner of Miranti’s birthday giveaway! I’ll be patiently watching the mail, waiting for my special delivery from Australia. I already have so many ideas for new creations to make with the tablet!

How was your week? Any exciting news or happenings?

Curl Up + Click on these

+ Allow your journey (freelance or otherwise) to be filled with passion, and surely you will find success.

+ With so many tragic events happening in the world, I’ve been thinking a lot about feeling safe and secure. This post by Nadine really resonated with me.

+ One of my favorite summertime fruits, and the perfect addition to any smoothie recipe.

+ I was so incredibly inspired by all of the unique stories on this blog.

+ Ever have too many ideas? Try this.

+ These light and stylish workout outfits are perfectly motivating to keep my workouts consistent.

+ The smallest gestures are able to carry the largest impacts.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

*HEADS UP / There’s a super special offer going out in Monday’s newsletter. I wanted to create an exclusive offer to help end the summer season with a bang, so that’s just what I did. I’m not spilling any deets, but if you want to learn more and have the chance to take advantage of the offer, make sure you’re on the mailing list!

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 29

Happy Sunday, friends!

I hope you all had as inspiring and relaxing of a weekend as I did, especially since my week seemed to speed by, and I didn’t feel like accomplished much when Friday rolled around.

I spent a lot of time this week working on a special offering that will be going out in the next newsletter, and writing and developing the e-course I’ll be launching next month. Working on the e-course has definitely been a labor of love. The more I add to it, the more I realize that I need to step away from the unrealistic ideal of perfection –it simply doesn’t exist. I know that just by working my hardest and creating something that I believe in, the product will be more than high quality.

Hard work is perfection, right?

This summer has definitely led me to a lot of passion projects. I get so excited when a new idea starts to take form and become something. A little too excited. Usually from a mix of nervous anxiety and pure, sheer joy. Sometimes, I reach the point where I can’t even sleep at night because I just want to jump up and work more. I’ve been trying to combat the overexcitement by forcing myself to stick to set work hours and get sleep! I’ve even been using this awesome rain/white noise app which knocks me out in minutes regardless of what’s going on in my head. Add a cup of steaming hot green tea –pure bliss.

Curl up + click on these

+ At the heart of it all, I blog because I am a storyteller. So Erin’s post resonated with my heart, a lot.

+ Your time and life are valuable things, so be sure to protect them.

+ I’m always inspired by beautiful works of art.

+ Ready to dive into design, and maybe customize elements of your own blog? Noor walks you through creating a blog header.

+ GIF making, made easy with this amazing new unveiling from The Wonder Forest.

+ My favorite aspect of blogging and creating is the amazing community I’ve joined as a result. Meet and mingle with bloggers & creative minded folk during these awesome Twitter chats.

+ Are you making these 3 SEO mistakes? Don’t worry, there’s a fix!

+ Grow and improve your Instagram with these 7 tips.

What have you been up to this weekend? Happy reading 🙂

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 28

It’s been too long since we’ve sat down for coffee together here! No matter how many new posts ideas I come up with and write, these are always my favorite. I love getting the chance to share awesome posts and (hopefully) introduce you all to new blogs and bloggers!

July was a month filled with a lot of (unexpected) challenges and changes. I’m happy to see a tough month end, and welcome in August with optimism and fresh goals.

This week and weekend, I spent a lot of time working on a new e-course that I’m hoping to launch next month! I’ve been dreaming of launching a course for so long now, but I’ve always found excuses to push it back and delay a launch. I’ve decided that it’s now or never, and that there is no better time than the present to get things done.

I’ll be releasing more details on the course in the weeks to come, but just to give you all a teaser, the course is all about creating authentic content to help grow your blog and brand without loosing yourself in the process. I’ve been researching this for so long, and there are a lot of great courses out there on growing your blog and brand, creating high quality designs for your blog, becoming a full time professional blogger, and lots of others focusing on the aesthetic. But if content is king as they say, where are the courses on creating strong, authentic and original content? Isn’t that what the readers are coming for?Continue Reading

Sunday Morning Coffee // No. 27

Hello, friends! Happy Sunday.

This week was… a lot for me. There were so many highs and lows, but I’m spending the weekend focusing on the highs and filling the pages of my gratitude journal with lots of good things. I’m feeling better about the week ahead. Mainly because I have lot’s of great things to share with you all!

Before I jump into this morning’s amazing links, I wanted to share a bit about the power of pride, and the graphic above. More specifically, the little coffee cup you see up top.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of delicious lattes and getting my daily caffeine fix (hence, the name of these columns). I came home one day, and sat down in my room needing to clear my head a bit. So I opened up Photoshop and starting playing around. I had an idea in my head centered around coffee and no idea how to make it happen. I kept playing around and wasn’t getting anywhere, and just before I threw in the towel and walked away from it, I reached out to a designer friend of mine for advice. We both agreed that I should step back, go back to basics and start from there. So I did.

And after some trial and error I create that coffee cup right there. A big step for a self-taught designer who mainly sticks to type-based projects. And you know what, I’m super proud of that little coffee cup. It’s a piece of me, and a result of hard work and extreme diligence. So proud, in fact, that I’ve decided to let it live as the symbol and trademark of these Sunday Morning Coffee posts. And this week, I’m challenging you to create something new and challenging that you can be incredibly proud of. And once your done, share it with me!

Now, try these links on for size…

+ Create big change simply by implementing a few small practices in your daily life.

+ Imagine your favorite Instagrams reinvented as amazing gifs and illustrations.

+ Dying to add these Bababouk pillows to my bedroom design!

+ Are you making the most of your new blog design?

+ No matter what you’re doing, it’s important to learn how to successfully manage feedback.

+ How to select a blogging platform.

+ Are you on Twitter? Here are 5 Tips to use it to grow your brand!

+ Two of my fave things (kale + cheese) combined for breakfast goodness.

+ Add some more style to your posts – how to customize your blog post headers.

+ Awesome guest post on Pen + Peplum by Nesha on creative essentials.

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend, and that you’re ready to jump start the week!