Words for the Weekend

{Words For The Weekend} Time + Space

This weekend, I’m stepping back a bit. Slowing down to trying to make sense of the week that just happened. Giving myself time and space to put things into perspective. In many ways, trying to seek understanding about things that I may never understand.

I’ve spent the week using work as a distraction, getting things scheduled out so that it won’t seem like I’ve gone totally MIA. Last week, I shared a bit about embracing the quiet that comes into your life, even when you don’t quite understand it. This weekend, I want more slowness, more simplicity and more quiet.

I’ve been working on a few longer, essay-style posts over the past few days, and I want to use the quiet to spend time submerged into the things I love and getting them done. Writing, creating for this space, thinking about other spaces I’ve been interested in developing and remembering all of the little things that make every day so fulfilling.

This week has been really rough, but I’m determined to turn it into something useful. It didn’t seem right to sit behind the keyboard without allowing some transparency to shine through, and be real about how I’m doing. This week brought with it a lot of loss, so I’m reminding myself how much I still have –reminding myself that I’m not empty, just lighter.

I don’t know how your week went, but I hope it was a good one, and I hope your weekend is light and easy, too. But, if you’re in a space similar to the one I’m in right now, I hope that you also get time to step away.

Acknowledge the things that are happening to you, head on, and then use all of the powerfully positive things in your life (make a list, if you need to) to help you sort out the off feelings.

Deal with it in your own time and way. And if you don’t have anything to deal with, spend some time feeling gracious, and maybe help out a friend who’s working his or her way back to the light.

I’ve written a few words for the weekend posts. Mainly random, raw and unedited thoughts that creep into my mind on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning that I feel compelled to share. I’ve never sat and thought about creating a column of them; having these words be something that you all expect to precede each weekend.

This weekend has helped me to see, this isn’t a column. It’s a happening.

I’ll write these as they come, as they’re needed.

Side note: The imagery in this post features the branding and packaging design for MadCap Coffee Co. I love how bright, colorful and vibrant the packaging is, without being cluttered, confusing or overdone. It’s simple, and still has a lot to offer. There wasn’t much reason to include it in this post, except for the fact that it made me really happy, and seemed like a great way to enter the weekend.

Words For Your Weekend {Competition & Life Online}

Happy Friday, everyone. Are you ready for the weekend? Any special plans?

This morning, I read a post by one of my favorites – Jess Lively, about reality vs. things projected and displayed on social media. The difference between images of real life, and other images that have been styled, conceptualized, edited and thoughtfully posted to evoke emotions and, perhaps above all else, shares on social.

There is definitely a difference between the real and the really edited on social media. The blogging community thrives on social, and sometimes I feel that we get lost in a sea of what is real and what is just really pretty to look at.

Jess made a great point in her post that, based off of our personalities or current situations, all of the seemingly perfect photos and lifestyles we encounter online can leave us feeling inadequate. Like we don’t measure up to the professionals – that our words, thoughts and spaces (that we place our hearts and souls into) are not good enough.

We compare ourselves, categorize each other and create unwarranted and unnecessary competition – the “big”/professional bloggers vs. the small bloggers.

I found that my blog is the most successful when I focus on what I’m doing, and want to do, and ignore other things that other bloggers are doing. Celebrating the things that make my space unique, and building a space that I’m proud of and that subscribes to who I am are far more important to me than envying the blogger who lands the big book deal or gets millions of monthly views.Continue Reading

Words For Your Weekend

Hello friends, happy Friday – we’ve made it through another week.

I had another post planned, but after the week I have I thought it’d be better if we kept it light and walked into the weekend with a heart of rest and positive energy. I had a rough week, and I would not have gotten through had it not been for some awesome people sending me sweet words whenever I needed them. So today, I’m spreading the joy to all of you, please keep the love coming in the comments!

01/ Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be fully there. Allow yourself to be fully present always, and if you can’t be fully present, allow yourself to rest.

02/ Do work because you are passionate, not as a means to an ends. When everything you produce is a labor of love, you will never find yourself overworked.

03/ Keep your heart and spirit clean and fresh. Don’t allow un-forgiveness to dwell this weekend. Let it go, move forward.

04/ Remain in a constant state of gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for. This week, I was thankful for hot coffee and kind friends.

05 / Surround yourself with people who will meet you where you are, and help you get to where you’re going.

06/ Remember that things happen in a cycle. So your bad week may be someone else’s good week, and vice versa. Show compassion, and when the cycle comes back around, someone will show that same compassion to you.

Feel free to leave more warm thoughts and positive energy boosters below in the comments. Have a great Friday!

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