The Perfect Summer Salad Recipe

 After taking a short, much needed break to recharge and gain a little clarity, I’m back with an easy recipe you’ll be making and enjoying all summer long.

June was a crazy month for me work wise and personally. Lot’s of early morning and late nights which meant way too many nights eating out and ordering in. I always feel best when I take the time to prepare and plan out my meals (especially breakfast).

It truly has a large impact on my mental state.

So now that I’m working on getting back on track, and the heat in the city is playing zero games, keeping my recipes and weekly meals easy, simple and low maintenance has been key for me.

Enter, this super easy and incredibly delicious cucumber and tomato salad.

The funny thing about my love for this recipe is my distain for one of its main ingredients. On most days, I’m not a fan of tomatoes. I can deal with them diced (like they are in this salad) but the texture of their centers typically turns me off from including them in anything.

But this recipe is so refreshing and perfect for summertime, I don’t mind adding them in for good measure.

You’ll only need a few things to bring this salad to life. I typically don’t measure (and there are so few ingredients, everything is truly added to taste).


makes 1-2 servings

3-4 Persian cucumbers or 1 large cucumber

1/2 cup to 1 cup of grape tomatoes, diced.

3-4 tsps white vinegar

1 tsps minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Optional, one red onion

Optional, parsley to garnish

Simply chop your veggies, add in your salt, pepper and mixed garlic then the vinegar. Taste and make adjustments as needed. I love serving this as a side salad to almost any weeknight meal, or just having a large portion for a quick lunch or dinner.

It travels well and is easy to toss in a bag to take to work for lunch or have on the go during a busy day.

Share your favorite summer and easy meal recipes in the comments! A few of you have asked that I share more of what I make and eat during the week, so there will be more posts like this one coming soon. Feel free to leave any specific requests below!

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