The Space on Third 2018 Reading Challenge!

One question I get asked more than anything else is, how do you read so much? And often, that question is followed by, do you have any tips on how I can read more? Where do I start? Well, let’s start here. Welcome to the 2018 Reading Challenge!

I knew late December that I wanted to do something centered around reading in the New Year. Starting a book club is something I’d like to do later on down the road, but reading is so important to me I wanted an easy, low stress way to help you all figure out what to read and get you thinking about reading more.

I know there are so many reading challenges this year that focus on numbers and the quantity of books you read. I wanted this challenge to focus on the quality of books you read. I want all of us to read great books, discover great authors and pick up titles we normally wouldn’t in 2018.

The Challenge

It’s truly simply, all you have to do is read. That’s it. Pick up new books, get that library card, explore your local bookstores and read! Even if you don’t finish a book this year, which I really hope you do, I just want to get you all reading!

The Rules

This challenge is a simple, non-invasive one, so naturally, the rules are pretty flexible and few:

  • Decide on how you’re going to incorporate reading into your existing routines and commit to it. For example, I usually try to read between 50-100 pages daily, that works for me. Maybe 10 pages works each morning or at lunch works for you. Whatever it is, write it down and commit to it! If you feel up to it, share your reading commitment with me!
  • You don’t have to meet every challenge! Pick one, pick a few or go for the gold. Whichever feels right.
  • One book can meet multiple challenges! You’ll see the list of “challenges” below. They are guides, not checkboxes, there to help steer you in the right direction.
  • Only read books that you love. If you start a book and aren’t enjoying reading it, put it down.
  • Everything counts! Graphic novels, children’s books, audiobooks. Read how you want!

I picked challenges that I knew I could a). join you all in and that would b). push us all out of our reading comfort zones a bit. To get things off to a great start, here’s a breakdown of each “challenge” with some suggested books. These are all either books I’ve read, own or am planning to read.

Read a Poetry Collection

Read a Classic

Read an Anthology

Read a New to You Author

  • Any author that you’ve never read, regardless of when their work was published.

Read a Tome (a book 500 pages or more)

Read a Book Set in Another Country (all are set outside of the US)

Read a Book in One Day

Read a Memoir

Reread Your Favorite Books (children’s books absolutely count)

In each of my monthly reading wrap-ups, I’ll be sharing which books count towards which challenges! I hope this inspires you all return to books you love and pick up new ones! Let me know what’s on your reading list for 2018, and if you’ll be taking the challenge!

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  1. This is such a great idea, Amber! Last year I only read 6 books (which was an improvement from 2 the previous year), but this year I’m hoping to up that and read 36! Growing up I used to be a big reader, but I’ve let Netflix and social media consume too much of my time. Right now I have 3 books started, which once read would complete half this challenge! Here’s to reading great books in 2018!

  2. I think that finding a book you love is SO important! It used to be really difficult for me to give up books I wasn’t into, almost impossible, but now I’m getting better at it. I admit that there are still times that I force myself to get through a book, or I’ll just skim til the end, but I’ve definitely improved, and that counts for something ^-^ Whilst I technically have a TBR list on Goodreads that’s constantly updated, I don’t have a proper TBR list that’s prioritised. There always seems to be a new book I find that I want to read, so I’ve never had a problem finding my next book! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Oh, this is so fun. Count me in!

  4. I absolutely love this! I’m an author (with a pen name), but over the past few years I’ve struggled with making time to read. I recently discovered a book series that has 4 6books in it. I’m on book 5 and my goal this year is to finish the series. Because why not?