How I Spend My First Hour Each Morning

It probably comes as no surprise that starting your day on a high note generally leads to going strong and ending on a high note, too.

Even when I know a few extra moment of shut eye would be welcomed, I never regret getting an early start to the day. I feel better knowing that I can get a jump start on the work I need to do and hopefully head to bed earlier. A later start for me means getting less done.Continue Reading

How To Always Be On Time Monday Mornings

Mondays can be a struggle. Trust me, I get it.

Snooze is easier than getting up and bracing the week head on, especially if you were lucky enough to spend the weekend sleeping in and relaxing. But, Monday is inevitable, and the longer you linger in bed, the less likely you are to conquer your to-do list.Continue Reading

Creating a schedule that’s flexible and feasible

If you’ve been a long time reader, you know that I live by creating systems and sustainable routines. But I also understand that sometimes, that’s just not feasible depending on life’s circumstances.

Routines imply that you’re able to commit to doing something one way, consistently, for a significant period of time. You may have a skin care routine or blogging routine that insures that, so long as you stay on track and follow your system, things get done.Continue Reading