Tuesday Tip

Tuesday To-Do: Digital Spring Cleaning

For those of you new to the blog (hi, and thanks for reading!) Tuesday To-Do is a column I share each week with an actionable tip on how to make your week more productive, even when you got off to a rough start.

Just because Monday was a less than stellar work day doesn’t mean your entire week will be scrapped!Continue Reading

Tuesday To-Do: Make Yourself Ready to Hire!

To all my side hustlers, sometimes freelancers and passion project enthusiasts, I’m looking at you! Many of us who keep extra cash flow potential on the side have the benefit of not having to spend a ton of time focused on marketing and promoting the service. Work comes, work goes and overall we’re pretty happy about that.

But if you’re feeling ready take on some side work to bring in a bit of extra cash, but know you aren’t quite ready to hire at the moment, keep reading.Continue Reading

Tuesday To-Do: Make Your Meetings Productive

How many times have you seen a meeting request come through on your calendar or email and instantly felt a pit in your stomach. Meetings can be the ultimate struggle. Unlike replying to an email or message, which you can pretty much do on your own time, meetings require your physical presence, active attention and aren’t controlled by simply closing your browser window.Continue Reading