Tuesday Morning Coffee

I’m finally starting to feel back into the swing of things. Meals are being planned, posts are being scheduled and emails are finally being sent and returned. Next step: replying to comments. I promise, I see you! My favorite part about setting back into my own regularly scheduled programming is the sense of accomplishment you feel after you finally start getting things done. I’m hoping to keep the momentum going.

While I took my unexpected break last week, I still had time to read some of my favorites (and discover a few new) reads in between Benadryl-induced sleeps.

I know we usually have coffee together on Sundays, but since I clearly missed that date this past weekend, I wanted to share some of my favorite links and articles from the web last week to catch you up a bit.

+ How to write the perfect networking email.

+ For anyone still wondering what the heck Snapchat is and how to use it, here is the ultimate snap guide (I’m ambersburns on snap!).

+ Drugstore mascara might be good enough, after all.

+ 8 Reasons to be early to work.

+ A peak into my brain: why I don’t ask acquaintances to get coffee.

Bookmark it: Every single word spoken by a person of color in major films.

LOL: A day in the life of Pinterest.

+ 3 must-dos to create a strong foundation for your blog

Feel free to share your favorite reads of the week with me!

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  1. Hahaha, that getting coffee with acquaintances article is HILARIOUS. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • That is seriously my thought process, haha!

  2. Love the drugstore mascara & Pinterest article! That was a good laugh. I swear by drugstore mascara. I haven’t been able to find a high end one that works for me – I guess I should stop looking!

    • I’m STILL laughing at the Pinterest article!!