Tuesday To-Do: Enhance Your Visuals

Welcome back to Tuesday To-Do, a weekly column on SPoT where I share a quick tip to help you get your week back on track, even if Monday was less than productive.

The past few Tuesday To- Do’s have been focused on better managing time, checking out the status of your site and content and making sure you have the basics under control. The response to those last few posts has been so great! So today, I wanted to spend time talking about another crucial task you you have to focus on when creating content online: visuals.

Whether you’re making videos, starting a blog or just looking to launch a website to establish yourself online, visuals are so important. Attention spans are steadily growing shorter, and the faster you can get someone’s attention and pique their interest, the better.

Strong visuals are the best way to do this. And no matter where you are in your content creating journey, there are always steps you can take to create better, stronger visuals.

Update popular posts with Pin-able images

Log into your Google analytics and find out what your best performing pieces of content are (take your top 5). Take a look at those posts and evaluate the images. Are they share worthy, match your current branding? What about them do you think helps amplify your posts when you’re promoting them? Now, take a look at your weakest performing posts (take your bottom 5). How can you update those images to make them as strong as the top 5?

Refine your editing techniques

Talking a good photo is 80% photography and 20% editing. It’s important to start with a solid photo, but editing can really make or break the image that you captured. For my Instagram photos, I use VSCO to do all of my editing. For other photos, I use a combination of Lightroom, Photoshop and VSCO. Take some time to really understand what your editing tools can do. Be consistent in how you edit to create continuity in your visuals.

Take strong photos

Like I said, no matter how great you are at photo editing, having a strong photo as a foundation is key. Try to take pictures in natural light and avoid late night photoshoots. Whether you’re using a DSLR, point and shoot or just your phone camera, make sure you get the hang of how to create the cleanest photo possible but adjusting things like focus and lighting.

A great place to really hone your skills are online courses. Britt & Co and Skill Share both have tons of amazing and affordable courses on Photography and editing that are sure to help you boost your skills and enhance your visuals.

I’ll be sharing a post on how I take and edit my Instagram and blog photos soon! What can you do today to step up your visuals?

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  1. Visuals are a huuuge part of my blog as it mainly features lifestyle/travel photography. I’ve been especially loving your photos since your new camera! My camera is a hand-me-down from my dad, but it was in very good condition when he gave it to me. He’s told me that giving me that camera was one of his best investments for me, not just because of my blog, but because it has really helped with my creativity :’) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s