Tuesday To-Do: Power Hour x Power Playlist

Tuesday To-Do: Power HourAnother week, another edition of Tuesday To-Do –where I share a quick tip to help you pull together a productive week, even if you’re off to a rocky start.

Today’s tip is all about powering through, and I even created a Tuesday To-Do: Power Hour playlist to help get you through! The full playlist has just over 1 hour of music to motivate you while keeping you focused on the tasks at hand. Feel free to share it with anyone you know who needs to get things done!

The key to a successful power hour is to eliminate all distractions. Turn off any notifications you get on your computer, close out any social sites you have open and put your phone away. Trust me, you can make it one hour without it!

Once you’ve taken care of distractions, be sure to select tasks that can actually be accomplished within the hour. I recommend 1-3 tasks (something that takes one hour, two things that take a half hour or three things that take 20 minutes…).

power hour feat playlist

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And once you’ve powered through, take a break –you’ll have earned and will need it! Grab another cup of coffee, text your friend back or log into social to engage your followers. Repeat as many times during the day as needed.

Tuesday To-Do: Power HourNow head off and starting getting things done!

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    • Definitely! It makes it less overwhelming to accomplish the tasks at hand, right?!