VIDEO: Smaller Creatives Versus the Algorithms

I didn’t expect to upload a second video this week, and then this happened.

So many changes have impacted the creative community negatively, especially those of us with smaller followings. From algorithm changes to demonitizing videos, it’s never ending.

I mentioned that in 2018, I’ll be focusing on investing in the channels I own. This is why.

Whether you’re a content creator or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. I will say that I’m part of to Instagram pods of just Cleveland bloggers, & while, yes, it’s designed for us to “beat” the algorithm, it’s because we WANT to see one another’s content & be sure that the algorithm doesn’t cause us to miss out on the local content that’s the most valuable to us. Sure, I don’t always super-love the individual photos people share to it that I’ve committed to engaging with (there are certain things, events, activities, etc. that don’t really matter to me), but overall, I know these are locals who I really want to build up, engage with, & help raise up however I can. I don’t want to miss that content – & I don’t think that’s beating the algorithm in a bad way, it’s finding ways around an algorithm that screws over the little guys.

    • I totally understand that. I definitely get the appeal of the groups and know that all of them aren’t formed with bad intentions. I just think that authentic engagement is always preferred and better for everyone

  2. Yes! I agree with you 100%. It’s a shame that this is happening, but I get it. Free stuff comes at a cost. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to use social media because my time can be better spent elsewhere. However, I’m definitely thinking of changing my approach and putting the “social” back in social media. I think users that use the platforms from the stand point of creating community will likely see better results. This whole trying to game the system is just hurting everyone and I think these platforms are recognizing that. Using platforms in an organic way is the way forward, I think! 🙂

    • Yes to putting the social back in social media! I honestly think and hope that as algorithms make using social for organic growth harder, that natural social networking and community comes back. I miss the days of authentic comments and making genuine friendships online!!!