Where I Buy Books Affordably

Where to buy affordable booksEvery time I post a photo of new book mail on social media, someone replies asking how I spent so much on books! The answer is simple: I don’t.

I love books, and love looking around my apartment and seeing full shelves and piles of books with worlds and characters I love. But the fact of the matter is, books can be very expensive. Especially because lately, I’ve been reading a lot of new releases (and books always cost the most closer to release dates).

It’s important for me to note that I also think paying full price for a book is an amazing way to support local bookstores and the authors we love. I’m definitely not against it and do it when I can to show that support!

So today, I want to share how I support my book habit without breaking the bank. This post has been really highly requested so I hope you find new bookish resources to help you read more, better books.

Amazon/Amazon Prime

It’s no secret that Amazon was first known for being a bookseller. Buying a book on Amazon usually means you’re getting at least a few bucks off of the regular retail price. A hardcover that usually goes for $27 will easily be $17 on Amazon. And if you’re a Prime member, shipping is free, which also saves money.

Another perk for prime members, free books. Yes, if you have Prime, Amazon gifts you one free ebook a month that you can read through the Kindle app. They let you choose from a selection of 4-5 titles each month and I’ve found some good reads that way!

Book Outlet

Book Outlet is one of my favorite sites to purchase deeply discounted books! They have thousands of titles, fast shipping and a rewards program that allows you to gain points for later purchases as you shop. My biggest hauls from Book Outlet (7 books or more) have always cost me less than $50, which is crazy! Book Outlet also has what they call “scratch and dent” copies of books available, meaning there may be the smallest flaw in a book that gives you an even deeper discount. They have great customer service and shipping is always quick!

Where to buy affordable books

My Local Library

I feel really lucky that Philly has such a great library system with multiple branches throughout the city. There is always a “for sale” rack at my local branch that has hardcover and paperbacks of every genre for sale for literal spare change. Seriously, the most expensive books are usually $0.50 on that rack. Lots of libraries hold library sales where books are at most a dollar or two, despite their retail value.

Hoopla & Overdrive

Speaking of libraries, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite apps. Hoopla and Overdrive both link to your library and give you access to audiobooks and e-books completely free. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that! Overdrive gives you titles depending on what your library has available, but Hoopla isn’t as restricted. I don’t read a ton of audiobooks but when I do, I love knowing I don’t have to shell out cash for them.

Book Depository

I’ve browsed Book Depository often, but haven’t made a purchase yet. The offer discounted books with free worldwide shipping. As they are UK based, if you’re living in the States or Canada, it will take a while for your order to arrive (so I’ve heard). I love that you can get discounted books with UK covers from this site, without paying for shipping! Totally worth the wait if you tend to be a cover buyer (and who isn’t, really?!).

Book of the Month

I know I talk about BOTM all the time, but that’s only because I love it so much! The subscription rates are incredibly reasonable for the value. And each additional book you get with your monthly box is only $9.99, which is a steal for a newly released, hardback book. If you haven’t checked out Book of the Month yet, I cannot recommend it more.

I hope this helps you fill your shelves with great reads, without breaking the bank!

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  1. I’ve had a B&N membership for the past few years, and I honestly can’t go back to not having it. Free shipping always and 20% off coupons actually make more of a difference than I realized! Honestly though, I always get my books from the local library, and if I end up really loving it and feeling like it belongs in my personal library, THEN I buy it. I’m way more selective with what books I actually purchase.

    Xx Chantel

  2. I get all my books from the library, via NetGalley, or somewhere else online, so I don’t spend very much money on books either! I didn’t know about getting one free book a month via Prime 😮 Thanks for sharing! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Oh man, I buy too many books at a time that I’ll broke once I get out from the store door!

  4. Oh man, I buy too many books at a time that I’ll broke once I get out from the store door!
    I’m thinking about move to e-book, but I have a hard time letting go of the actual book